Brad Hardin Releases Boot-Stomping New Single “Come Getcha Some”

Just over five months after introducing himself with “Pretty as You,” Brad Hardin is back with his sophomore effort “Come Getcha Some,” an up-tempo, rowdy honky tonker loaded with loud guitars and a baritone vocal.

After “Pretty as You” achieved several thousand streams on Spotify and thousands more views on YouTube,” Hardin says he was feeling pressure to surpass that success with his new single.

“There  is always pressure any time you release music to the world, no matter if it’s your first or hundredth single, there’s always pressure to put out something better than last time and give your fans music they love,” says Hardin. “Writing something, recording it and pouring your heart into it not knowing how fans will receive it is always scary. With that being said, I love this song; it jams, it’s energetic, it’s fun and it’s COUNTRY.”


Hardin says he drew the inspiration for “Come Getcha Some” from firsthand experiences that he has seen from the stage.

“Playing honky tonks for years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this scenario play out: girl gets a couple shots of fireball, dances with a guy she don’t know, the guy she came with doesn’t like it, and next thing you know, bouncers are running to the parking lot,” Hardin says with a laugh.

Though “Pretty as You” had a more acoustic feel to it, “Come Getcha Some” explodes through the speakers with a more electric-driven sound, something Hardin says was intentional on his second single.

“I knew my second single definitely going to be high energy. We had a few songs in mind, and literally days before I hit the studio, I wrote ‘Come Getcha Some,’” says Hardin. “I’ve always been a huge Brooks & Dunn, fan so I definitely wanted to give it that 90s honky tonk feel.”

Hardin brought in some big name players to achieve that sound on “Come Getcha Some.”

“I drew heavily from the 90s Brooks & Dunn sound, so we had Jeff King, who has actually played guitar for Brooks & Dunn, to come in and play on it, as well as Brian Pruitt on drums, Dave Roe on bass, Tim Galloway on acoustic and Scotty Sanders on pedal steel guitar,” says Hardin. “These guys have played on things like Cody Johnson’s on ‘On My Way To You,’ Luke Combs’ This One’s For You, and Dave played for Johnny Cash. We chose to rock it up a little, make the kick drum drive to bring out the energy, and also chose to do a pedal steel solo instead of your regular guitar solo to make it authentic as possible.”

With the release of his newest single, Hardin hopes to end 2019 in a big way.

“I have some great shows coming up and still being booked,” says Hardin. “My plan is to keep working, keep giving the fans great music and shows, and hope for big things to happen. I’ve never been more motivated than I am right now.”

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