Kyle Daigle Releases Powerful, Healing Single “Cold Beer in Heaven”

2019 has been a big year for Kyle Daigle.

In the first half of the year, Daigle released two singles, “Out There” and “I Could Be Wrong,” both of which have continuously received acclaim critically and from his fans.

“The support means the world to me. It gives me the fuel I need to continue working as hard as I do,” says Daigle. “Seeing people take to my music and apply it to their life feels so special to me. Every time I see someone share my music on social media, it makes everything I do to create the music worth the while! Sometimes there are hurdles to jump, but as long as my fans continue the journey with me, I will continue to bring them the best music I can!”

It is that support that is leading Daigle to cap off 2019 with his new single “Cold Beer in Heaven;” a song that comes from a deeply personal place for the Louisiana native.

“I wrote ‘Cold Beer In Heaven’ about one of my best friends, Brandon, who passed away in May of 2018,” says Daigle. “The night I wrote it, I was really tired and I decided I would try to get to bed early and get some rest. As I passed my guitar on the way to my bed, something compelled me to grab it and strum a few chords. About 10 minutes later, I had the basic chord progression down, and within the hour, the song was completely written as you hear it today. I had no plan on a song title or what I was going to write about, but by the first line in the song, I knew who it was about and where I was headed with it. To this day, I feel Brandon’s presence every time I play it.”


Although the song is cathartic and relatable for Daigle, he feels that the message behind the song can be universally applied to anyone who has lost a loved one.

“It certainly was cathartic. I’m not the kind of person who really likes to open up about certain things, but when it comes to writing music, I tend to let my emotions out on paper,” says Daigle. “Writing a song for Brandon was something that I knew would eventually happen, but I had no plans on writing it the night I did. Although I wrote it for my friend, I tend to think about all the loved ones I’ve lost throughout the years. I think anyone who has lost someone can relate to this song in their own way.”

In October, Daigle shared an acoustic performance of the song on his Facebook page, which earned over 13,000 views, and saw the comment section riddled with messages of how the performance touched them.

“Seeing people relate to the song and find comfort in the lyrics is exactly what I’ve always wanted my music to do from day one. I gravitate to any song that can evoke an emotion in me, and judging by the reaction of the fans to ‘Cold Beer In Heaven,’ it gives them relief knowing that we will see our loved ones again one day,” says Daigle. “I knew the song was special the night I wrote it, but when I saw what people were saying about the acoustic version I posted, I knew I had to get a solid studio version and a music video done.”

Along with the release of “Cold Beer in Heaven,” Daigle will be releasing an accompanying music video and making 2020 another big year.

“I plan on releasing the music video to ‘Cold Beer In Heaven’ and running heavy promotion on it to get it to the folks who need to hear it. I also plan on hitting the studio to finish my second album,” says Daigle. “Hangar18 Productions and myself plan on releasing several new videos throughout 2020. With all that being said, I plan to keep building my fan base and building a personal relationship with all my current supporters.”



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