Shelby Ballenger to Release Personal Single “Thank Ya Daddy”

Shelby Ballenger ended 2019 on a high note with the release of her two-stepping, good timing single “Heartbreaks and Hangovers,” and is set to kick of 2020 on a strong, emotional note with her new single, “Thank Ya Daddy,” which is set for release on March 15.

Ballenger says the song, which is a gift to her father, tells the story of her upbringing in sports.

“My dad and I have talked for years about writing a song. He had this idea of writing about all the times my brother and I spent out on the ball field. We’ve lived and breathed baseball since we were able to walk,” says Ballenger. “This Christmas, I couldn’t think of anything I could purchase my dad that he didn’t already own, so I decided to sit down and write ‘Thank Ya Daddy.’ It’s turned into my favorite. The lyrics are basically the story of my childhood. I think anyone who’s ever been involved in sports growing up can relate to the tune.”

Shelby’s College Softball at Trinity Valley Community College 2010 

Though sometimes songs with a deep message can sometimes take quite a while to write, Ballenger says “Thank Ya Daddy” came together quickly, and allowed her and her father to have a special moment when she played it for him for the first time.

“This song flowed so easily. My first draft needed some tweaks, but for the most part, it was a smooth write! I’ve had all these ideas since I started writing about five years ago, so it was nice to finally finish the project,” says Ballenger. “There was pressure to it because I wanted it to ‘be perfect.’ My dad used to say that to me before every game that I pitched. When he heard the song, he cried. That was a precious moment for him and I.”

Ballenger says her new single is very special to her and her family, and speaks to the support they have given her in her career to this point.

“My parents have always supported my dream of becoming a singer. Even at age 18 when I told my dad that I didn’t want to play college softball anymore, we had a talk and he was upset at first, but realized I had bigger dreams. He immediately went from softball dad to my biggest fan. I couldn’t have picked more supportive parents,” says Ballenger. “My mom knows this song could easily be titled ‘Thank Ya Mamma.’ I’m extremely fortunate to have been raised by those two. I can remember spending hours in my room perfecting a song, then call them in one by one to hear it. Of course they always had positive words. I think of it as an appreciation song to the both of them. I hope they listen to every word and know that I mean every line. It’s nice to have a song produced so beautifully by Fort Worth Sound that they can listen to at their fingertips.”

Shelby’s TWU Graduation

Though Ballenger originally wanted to release “Thank Ya Daddy” on her father’s birthday, the excitement her and her family were feeling drew her to release the song sooner.

“I thought it would be significant to release the song on June 12th, but that’s so far away! My dad and I agreed we are too excited to keep it from everyone until then,” says Ballenger. “It’s gonna be such a memorable moment to see all my family, friends and fans listening to the story of the bond between a father and daughter. March 15th is not going to be a day that I forget!”

With a strong start to 2020 under her belt, Ballenger looks to reach goals she made for herself at the beginning of the year and is continuing to work on new music.

“Every year, I make a New Year’s Resolution. This year, I have made a promise to myself to start a band. Get ready to see me on big stages across Texas!” says Ballenger. “I’m also performing for the Princeton, TX July Spectacular again, where I opened for Jason Boland and Lee Ann Womack in previous years. The headliner hasn’t been announced, but I’m stoked to play another hometown gig! A full length album is still in the works.”


Additional comments from Shelby:


When: March 15, 2020

Where: The Tipsy Chicken

6310 HWY 78 Sachse, TX 75048

Live Music Line Up:



3-3:30 EJ MILLER



This will be the first time “Thank Ya Daddy” will be played and released to all musical platforms.

I want to thank Bart Rose and everyone at Fort Worth Sound. This is my second time working with them and they never disappoint. They take my ideas and bring them to life through the speakers.”



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