Graycie York Confides in Patsy Cline on Debut Single “Patsy Kind of Night”

One of country music’s greatest calling cards is being able to make you “feel” something. It could be a lyric, a melody, or just the sound of an artist’s voice that connects with the listener, but it can be a powerful thing.

Texas native Graycie York feels that power from the legendary Patsy Cline, and she has put those feelings into her debut single, “Patsy Kind of Night.” Released about a week ago, the song has already charted in the top 50 on Texas Music Pickers’ chart, as York is quickly approaching 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

York delivers a smooth vocal over a self-penned lyric that describes the connection that she feels in the words and music of Patsy Cline, all the while, drenched in steel guitar and a strong acoustic backdrop.

As she rides the success of “Patsy Kind of Night,” we talked with York about how a trip to Nashville motivated her to start writing songs, the emotions that comes with releasing music for the first time, all about “Patsy Kind of Night,” her debut EP that is in the works and more!


Pro Country: Who are some of your biggest musical influences that have shaped your sound?

Graycie York: Some of my biggest influences are Patsy Cline, Kaitlin Butts, Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe. They’ve hit somewhere in my soul with their songwriting, vocals or whatever it may be; they changed my life with their music.


PC: When did you realize that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

GY: I’ve always known I wanted to be a singer from a very young age. It started when I would be in my car seat singing every word to Rascal Flatts or Kenny Chesney and then my Hannah Montana stage to now singing on stages every weekend. I didn’t start pursuing it until this past summer because that’s really when my opportunity came along, and I’m so grateful it did.


PC: Your bio says that you started writing songs after taking a trip to Nashville in 2018. What was it about being in Nashville that motivated you to try your hand at songwriting?

GY: When I went to Nashville, as cheesy as it sounds, it felt like a dream. I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and saw all of the handwritten lyrics and how they made the artist feel to write songs that mean something to them. It inspired me to want to start writing. I also toured the Patsy Cline Museum, and my love for her grew 1000 times, which in turn, inspired my song “Patsy Kind Of Night.”


PC: What emotions were you feeling as you were preparing to release music for the first time with the “Patsy Kind of Night” single?

GY: Before we even had a release date for the song, I just wanted it to be out! When we officially had the date set, at first I thought it was super cool, but it didn’t hit until a couple of days before it came out that I started to get really excited, but at the same time, I was terrified, mainly because I didn’t know how the public would react outside of my family and friends. But the first time I heard it play on Spotify, I sobbed. That was one of the craziest feelings ever.


PC: Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Patsy Kind of Night”?

GY: The inspiration of “Patsy Kind of Night” was, of course, the legend herself, Mrs. Patsy Cline. The first time I heard her voice changed my life. I remember exactly where I was and how it made me feel. Ever since I was introduced to her music, she’s been my go-to through my sad and difficult times. Patsy feels like a friend who understands how I feel and knows all the right words to say. It took me 2 days to write this song, and I remember being so nervous to play it for my parents because I loved it so much and wanted them to as well and thankful they did!

PC: In just over a week since its release, “Patsy Kind of Night” has over 2,000 streams on Spotify, and has gotten recognition from Texas Music Pickers’ chart and Spotify playlist. Is there a certain level of validation that comes with having that early success on your debut single?

GY: I was in my best friend’s car when I found out “Patsy Kind of Night” was #49 on the Texas Music Pickers Chart, and I may have screamed really loud. I had always dreamed of seeing my name on a music chart, so seeing it there was so special. I feel so blessed that there has been such an amazing response to my song and that it has been streamed over 2,000 times, which I can’t even wrap my brain around. It’s the best feeling.


PC: In the week following the release of “Patsy Kind of Night,” what has the response from listeners and outlets meant to you?

GY: It’s hard to explain how I feel and the emotions running through my brain right now. My heart feels so full it could explode any second! When people send me videos singing along to the song with their friends in the car or at their house, that’s my favorite! It truly means everything to me that people love this song as much as I do.


PC: Your bio mentions that you are working on your debut EP that you hope to release by the end of this year. What information can you give about the EP and what can listeners expect to hear on it?

GY: Yes! I am currently working on my first EP and couldn’t be more excited about it! I’ve been working with my producer, Tyler Thompson, and he’s been making my visions come to life. People can expect some sad, heartbreak songs but also a sassy “I don’t need no man” song. It’s gonna be a good mix of all the emotions!


PC: You’ve opened for and played with several of the rising artists in the Texas music scene. What can you take away from those experiences that can help you in your career?

GY: Opening up for other artists shows me that it takes a lot of hard work to get to where they are. They always give me advice and how to further my career, which I love so much and take any advice I can get. I’m always taking pointers from watching them on stage, and the little things they do that make them stand out from everyone else. I can honestly say being in the Texas music scene is great, and I’ve met the most sincere and honest people that are now my family. Texas already had a piece of my heart, but now it’s where my whole heart is.


PC: Along with promoting “Patsy Kind of Night,” what are your plans for 2020?

GY: My plans for 2020 are playing as many shows as I can and reaching more people, as well as finishing my EP so it can hopefully release sometime this year!


PC: Additional comments:

GY: Thank you so much, Pro Country!! #spinthat45


*Images courtesy of Graycie York*


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  1. Howdy Friendlee here with Friendlee Radio that’s & Friendlee News. Been spinning “Patsy Kind Of Night” since it’s release. WOW! the voice, the message. Whatta a song. Would love to have her on Friendlee Radio and Friendlee LIVE. Contact Friendlee 903 269 0377 or Friendlee Radio FB page. Looking forward to hearing fromya. Have a BLESSED evening. StaySafe FOF & KEEPIT IN YOUR BOOT


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