Krystal King Continues to Diversify Her Sound on New Single “Slow Love”

In a year where consistency has been hard to find, Krystal King has certainly been a model of it thus far.

After releasing her debut single “(You Had Me At) Double Wide” in November of last year, King has pumped out two more singles in 2020, with a third, “Slow Love,” released today (July 27).

The release of “Slow Love” follows King’s cover of “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” Released in April, it served as the first song King released with limited instrumentation, and is already her second most streamed single on Spotify, something that she says brought her a sense of comfort given the current circumstances we all find ourselves in.

“The response to that song was so amazing and heartwarming! I have to admit that I was nervous. I was releasing a slow, gospel song written in 1905 and in a modern, political and fast-driven world,” says King. “It was not only a very vocally exposed and raw song, but it was also done at home without the expensive equipment to hide behind. I put my whole heart into that song and it brought me so much comfort and joy in these trying times. Because of that, it was vulnerable and intimidating, but so much more rewarding because of what it meant.”PSX_20200706_210839

As she has done with each of her singles so far, King continues to diversify her sound and introduce new sides of her artistic identity. Though it falls closer to contemporary than anything she’s released previous, it’s still “Krystal King,” and furthermore, it sounds like a hit.

“I guess that I have really jumped all over the board with my sound and style; from traditional country, to blues, to gospel, to contemporary country! From a marketing standpoint, I know it is important to define your image; however, as a new independent artist, I think it is fun to show that I can be versatile and see what the audience resonates with,” says King. “This song was actually intended to be a demo for me to pitch to other artists and had been sitting. When looking to release a new single, this one came back to mind. While this style was different, I loved the imagery and meaning behind it, and it felt right.”

slow love art

The inspiration behind “Slow Love,” comes from the relationships that burned long before “I do” was ever said, as both King and co-writer John Hemingway share their stories of building happy, long-term relationships with their respective partners.

“My co-writer, John Hemingway, came up with the title and we began reminiscing about our different dating experiences and how dating and relationships have changed over time. I have been married for just over two years, and John has been happily married for 45+ years!” says King. “Despite the differences in our experiences, we both had relationships that came from long time friendships. We both really appreciated the value of a ‘slow love’ just taking in the view, taking your time and trying to know everything about that person ‘behind the scars and that tattoo.’”

With her fourth single now under her belt, King says she feels validated from the response to each, and has long since set aside the fear that came with releasing original music.

“I waited so long to release music. I spent the longest time just not feeling ready and being scared of it,” says King. “Finally releasing music and getting it out into the world has been exhilarating. I love the studio experience and hearing my ideas come to life!”

In a year where positives may be hard to find; and though she admittedly misses being on stage, King says she has taken her down time as an opportunity to hash out her plans for the rest of the year as she continues to work towards her debut EP.

“Speaking of a ‘slow love,’ 2020 has definitely taught me to be in the moment and to slow down. While I am getting restless and missing my live performances, I feel like I had time to plan and visualize what I want out of the rest of the year!” says King. “One surprise is planning my first music video to be released early August! I also have a few demos to share, 1-2 more releases and finally getting things in line for an EP in 2021!”

*Images courtesy of Krystal King*

**Listen to Krystal’s music on The Best of Pro Country Playlist!**


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