Chad Cooke Band Set to Release Anthemic New Single “Cowboy’s Cowgirl”

If you’ve tuned in to Texas country radio in the past two years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a song by the Chad Cooke Band.

In the two years since their newest album Risk It All, the Band has catapulted onto the radars of many in their native Texas and beyond. With two number one singles under their belts, the Band says they are thankful for the success they’ve earned over that span.

“It was incredible to have all three singles from Risk It All reach top three on the TRRR, and two of them reach number one. We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to all the fans who called in and requested our singles, as well as our radio promoter, Dillon Steen, for his hard work. Even though the first single, ‘Whatever It Takes’ didn’t make it to number one, it hung around on the charts for 47 long weeks and really paved the way for ‘Life Behind Bars’ and ‘Four Minutes’ to climb like they did,” the Band says. “As a relatively unknown band before 2018, the last two years were really about establishing some credibility for the band and introducing people to our music.”

On Friday, July 31, the Band, credibility intact, have their latest opportunity to introduce themselves to a new audience with their new single “Cowboy’s Cowgirl.” Featuring an electric-driven sound and once again putting the Band’s impressive harmonies on display, they say they immediately knew the song’s strength upon completing it earlier this year.

“We wrote ‘Cowboy’s Cowgirl’ on the first day of our trip back to Nashville in January. We knew instantly that we were going to cut it. There was so much energy in the room; stomping on the floor, and belting out the chorus that one of the audio techs working downstairs said we must have a hit on our hands because of all the racket,” the Band says. “We decided to release this song first because we wanted to follow up Risk It All and the last single ‘Four Minutes’ with something upbeat and high-energy.”

Though the song started as a rodeo-themed anthem, it quickly evolved into something broader; finding it inside oneself to express love for someone, all the while, keeping the same anthemic feel.

“We’ve always enjoyed performing at rodeos. This type of crowd has always been so good to us and our music. When we went into this specific writing session, we had that audience in mind. Co-writer Jordan Walker heard us discussing ideas for a cowboy song and said he had an idea earlier in the week for a song title called ‘Cowboy’s Cowgirl,’ so we picked that theme and ran with it,” the Band says. “As the writing session evolved, we realized that this song can connect to anyone, not just the rodeo crowd. You don’t have to be a cowboy or cowgirl to find the courage to tell that significant other how you feel about them.”


Along with Walker (who co-wrote Luke Combs’ smash “When It Rains It Pours”), the Band wrote their new single with Andy Albert, a writer on Blake Shelton’s “She’s Got a Way With Words.” The Band says that writing with such quality writers has taught them just how fast the songwriting community works in Nashville.

“Songwriting in Nashville moves very fast, and even more so when you get Jordan and Andy in the same room. Those two have written together a lot in the past, and they work together like a dream. It only took us about an hour to write ‘Cowboy’s Cowgirl,’” the Band says. “As a band, we find ourselves writing about anything and everything, and with Jordan and Andy, it was no different. It can be a song about love, a song that’ll make you cry, or a song about truck stop sushi (stay tuned for this one!). We can’t wait for more songwriting sessions with those guys in the future.”

As the Band continues to work on new music, they are seeing an uptick in the quality of their songs, but at the same time, keeping the harmonies that have become a signature part of their sound.

“A full album is still a little ways off, but we’ll be releasing singles from it every few months. While the band’s harmonies were present on Risk It All, we’re giving even more focus to the harmonies on the new tracks. This is apparent from the very first second of ‘Cowboy’s Cowgirl’ with the 3 part harmony,” the Band says. “Overall, we feel the songs we are compiling for this new album are just better written songs. Stylistically we still plan to keep things interesting, so you can expect to hear a range of styles: mid-tempo, a burner, a slow song, etc. One song even has a bit of a Spanish flair, so stay tuned for the new music!”

When we last spoke with the Band, they were gearing up for a “packed” touring schedule. As we all adjust to the new normal that is 2020, the Band is keeping a positive outlook as they continue to perform live streams and work on their new music.

“We are, like all our musician friends, frustrated at the situation. We had some big things lined up for 2020, and it feels like the carpet has been pulled out from under us. Our concerts are a significant source of income, and to have that taken away is challenging on a personal level. Despite all that, we are staying positive and focusing on the things that are within our control.  We spent the first months of the lockdown doing live streams; we did 12 to be exact. All of which are up on our Facebook page if you want to revisit those good times,” the Band says. “With some extra free time on our hands, we’re focused on finishing up the next album and releasing brand new music along the way. Also since the majority of our concerts are canceled or postponed, we’re currently booking private parties: live-stream, in-house, backyard, pasture or ranch. We’ll bring the music (and the party) to you. Our booking manager,, has all the information about pricing and booking!”

*Chad Cooke Band’s music is featured on The Best of Pro Country Playlist!*


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