Caitlin Quisenberry Looks to Keep Momentum Rolling with Whimsical New Single “Imogene”

Though it’s only been three weeks since the last time we talked with Caitlin Quisenberry, those three weeks have been transformative for the rising singer/songwriter from Colorado.

The day we posted our first interview with Quisenberry, she was en route for Nashville; making her move to Music City to dive headfirst into her music career. In the weeks that have followed, Quisenberry has hit the ground running; splitting time between the studio, immersing herself in the city’s music community, and continuing to build on her artistry.

“This was a very big move for me. I’m a Colorado native and am deeply rooted there, but with that being said, I also have roots here in Nashville. My paternal grandma was born and raised in Nashville, and her dad (my great-grandfather) was chief of police! I also have some distant relatives who live here, so I do have some ties and southern blood! Emotionally, I am so excited and ready to be here. Singing is my passion and I never want to look back on my life and think “what if…,” says Quisenberry. “I’m here with a mission and loving every second of it. Nashville is undoubtedly one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to, and I feel blessed to live here. I am surrounded by incredible musicians who have been so instrumental (pardon the pun) in helping me navigate a road map of what I need to do to be successful in this very competitive business. I’ve been going to my recording studio, Off the Row, to work with PT Houston, my producer. We have been working together on mixing the five new songs I just recorded. I’m very particular about my vision of each song, so it’s nice to sit with him face to face, instead of texting to try to get my ideas across. I have really hit the ground running here, but when I have gotten time to myself, I’ve been writing music. Speaking of writing, the day I moved into my apartment, I was contacted by Robert Cutarella, look him up, he’s BIG (he’s won many Grammys and has had five winning songs on Songland). I worked with him on an album when I was 14 and we have stayed in touch. He called to tell me he likes what I’m doing with my music and asked me to do some song writing with him! I am super excited to start that project! My days have been filled and I’m pinching myself because I feel like I’m truly living a dream. I now just have to figure out how to make money in my dream!”


Looking to get her move and August started on the right foot, Quisenberry released her fourth single, “Imogene” on the final day of July. Her new single is Quisenberry’s attempt to follow up the impressive success of each of her first three singles. Though she’s thankful for the support she’s received so far, Quisenberry admits to still feeling the pressure and jitters that come with releasing new music.

“I am truly grateful for the success I have had with my singles! I attributed that to all my friends, family and fans who have really gotten behind me and my music. I see their likes, comments and shares and they are why I have had solid streaming success and a positive reception. I am also so thankful and indebted to the country music media outlets, (like y’all, I can say that now that I live here) who have really welcomed me into the country music family with open arms. Having their published write-ups, interviews and being put on their playlists has been the foundation of which I am building myself on. In this business, one must self-promote, which I sometimes have a hard time doing. Although I’m confident, I don’t ever want to come off cocky; I hate that! It’s much easier to self-promote when an industry professional is tooting my horn!” says Quisenberry. “Ultimately, my goal is to get the attention of a record label to sign with. To do this, I believe consistency in my music is crucially important. This does put some pressure on me to at least match, and hopefully surpass previous streaming numbers. I am always nervous the night before releasing a song, but that’s just because I care so much about my work. I have to tell myself that I am happy with what I am putting out and I wouldn’t change a thing, so it is now in God’s hands.”


“Imogene,” which whimsically delves into putting oneself into the shoes of someone who may have what they yearn for serves as Quisenberry’s follow up to May’s “Let Love Die,” a heartbreaking look at love falling apart. Quisenberry says that the order she released her first four singles was important to her, allowing her to sonically and lyrically differentiate between each and allow each to tell their own story.

“Emotionally, they are on completely different planes. ‘Let Love Die’ is a painfully beautiful ballad with heart-wrenching lyrics, whereas ‘Imogene’ is this upbeat, whimsical, young-spirited song, evoking emotions of being a little bit infatuated with someone for all the things they have. When I recorded these four songs, I put them in order as to how/what order I wanted to release them in as soon as I finished recording. It was very methodically thought out, but the gist was that I wanted each one to stand on its own and be as different as possible to the one before it,” says Quisenberry. “‘Blue’ is a sad, beautiful ballad. ‘SOS’ is an up-tempo, feisty song that makes you want to dance. ‘Let Love Die’ is an emotionally deep ballad, and ‘Imogene’ is high-spirited, fun and imaginative. The one element I always want my songs to share is that they take my listener on a journey through the story I’m telling/singing to them. That is why I love country music so much. Country songs are little mini stories that take us to a place, remind us of a time or person, or make us feel relatable.”

If “Imogene” sounds familiar after first listen, your ears aren’t deceiving you. Originally written and released by Canadian singer/songwriter Raquel Cole, Quisenberry says she immediately fell in love with the song when it was pitched to her, which drew her to record it with her own flare that we’ve become accustomed to over her first three singles; an impressive vocal and tasteful, largely acoustic-driven instrumentation.

“’Imogene’ was pitched to me, and the demo I heard was sung by one of the writers, Raquel Cole. It’s the first song I’ve ever put out that has been previously released before. I was sent so many songs by so many great writers, but when I heard ‘Imogene,’ I immediately loved everything about it; including the way Raquel sang it!” says Quisenberry. “It really stood out among all the other songs, and if I’m being completely honest, ‘Imogene’ was my number one pick! When I heard it, I not only related to it, but I could NOT get it out of my head. I was constantly singing or humming it. For that reason, I knew it was a special song for me and I HAD to record it.”


In just one week since its release, “Imogene” is picking up where Quisenberry’s first three singles left off; quickly approaching 7,000 streams, landing on major playlists and leaving her humbled by the response.

“It is incredible to tangibly see the support I have through streaming. Every single number is meaningful and I am beyond grateful! Getting onto playlists like New Music Nashville is what really drives those numbers. They have so many listeners who trust them to find new great artists and songs, so to be selected is truly an honor that I do not take lightly,” says Quisenberry. “I think the biggest compliment is for someone to take a chance on me through putting me on a playlist or highlighting me in an article, interview or blog, then being there with open arms when my next single releases to give me that support again. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am that Pro Country has done that for me. THANK YOU!”

Looking to keep her momentum rolling, Quisenberry tells us that an animated video for “Imogene” is in the works, as is new music that will begin to release next month and new merchandise that will soon be available.

“I have an incredibly talented Hollywood cartoonist, Tom Schneiders, working on an animated music video for ‘Imogene.’ He has a very unique style that lends itself perfectly to ‘Imogene! Then I have another batch of songs I’ll start releasing in September. I am really excited about these songs and already have music videos planned for all of them. I have my video guy, Daniel Catton, from Los Angeles in town now. We have spent the last few days scouting out locations for the videos. He will be filming the videos for my next 2 songs I will be releasing: ‘Get Loud With Me’ and ‘One Line at a Time,’” says Quisenberry. “Besides music, I have been working with a designer out of Amsterdam on my swag/merchandise. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and will be announcing its release on my website soon. I’d like to close by thanking everyone for their unwavering support of me and my music. You are why I am able to do what I love!”


*Images courtesy of Caitlin Quisenberry*

**Read our first interview with Caitlin here*

***Listen to “Imogene” on The Best of Pro Country playlist!***


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