Payton Howie Embraces Being Left of Center on New Single “Troublemaker”

It’s been nearly a year since Payton Howie introduced herself with her debut single “Catch Flights,” and in the year that’s followed, she’s making a case to be the go-to source for badass, southern rock-meets country anthems.

Not only has Howie produced two excellent, high energy tracks over the past year, people are taking notice; as her first two singles have earned her well over 60,000 combined streams, something that the Temecula, California native says is humbling.

“I have literally been blessed with the most loving, loyal and supportive fans, and I am blown away by it at times!” says Howie. “It’s just a crazy, humbling feeling when you hop on social media and see more people sharing your music than you share it yourself; it’s crazy! I’m just so blessed and grateful to have the fan base that I do!”

When we last chatted with Howie in February, she was about a month removed from releasing her sophomore single “f150,” as was set to return to the studio to record new music. Now, Howie is offering the first taste of the new music she is creating with “Troublemaker,” a song that she knew she wanted to release next because of the explosive emotions that the song carries.

“’Troublemaker’ has been brewing up inside me for years, and getting through my first two singles really got me prepared and ready to top those songs with a song that had attitude and mystique,” says Howie. “Honestly, I just love it so much and I am so grateful for the response it has gotten so far!”

With her new single, Howie embraces the things in her personality that make her different, and unleashes an anthem of the pent up emotion that lead to the birth of “Troublemaker.”

“’Troublemaker’ has been brewing inside me for a few years because my whole life, I’ve always felt like a square peg in a round hole. I’ve always had amazing groups of friends throughout my life, and I’ve found myself always kind of feeling like that little dot just outside the circle. Maybe it’s the musician in me, but my ideas and the way that I express them have somewhat always gone against the grain, earning me that ‘Troublemaker’ label,” says Howie. “I think everyone wants to feel accepted for their own unique thoughts and personality, but as we all know sometimes society can have somewhat of a ‘pack’ mentality. The further along in my journey I get, I’m realizing not only is it more than okay to be uniquely yourself and be that dot just outside the circle, but it’s absolutely necessary that you do! The process of writing ‘Troublemaker’ allowed me to unravel those built up years of feelings in my heart and mind and express them in the form of a love song.”

Like its two predecessors, “Troublemaker” seems destined for the stage, something Howie says is an important element that she keeps in her mind when she’s recording.

“My goal is to always just put out music that is gonna sound amazing on a big stage, but still sound just as amazing when performed as a solo acoustic artist,” says Howie. “The studio musicians are phenomenal and literally play every instrument known to man. ‘Troublemaker’ itself had over 10 instruments!”

Though 2020 has altered many plans of artists so far, Howie still has plans to stay busy for the rest of the year.

“I’ve been extremely blessed to still have live shows I am playing around the country!” says Howie. “In August, I have a couple show dates at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville on Lake Conroe in Texas. I will also be going live on KFROG radio’s Instagram with the amazing Pepper on August 27th. After that, I will be headed out to Missouri for Operation Triage’s 2020 Freedom Jam to open up for CMT Next Women of Country’s Walker County on August 29th. From there, I’m heading to Nashville during the first week in September to attend the Josie Music Awards, where I’m so humbled to have been nominated for a Rising Star Josie Award.”

*”Troublemaker” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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