Alexandra Kay Offers a Mature Take About Heartbreak on New Single “I Kinda Don’t”

If you happened to look through the iTunes charts last week, you may have seen a name you haven’t heard before on top of the country chart and within the top 10 in all genres. If you were curious enough to click on the song, you’d see that the artist wasn’t signed to a major label, and that the song was released independently. And lastly, if you actually listened to the song, you realized that it deserved to be there.

That song, “I Kinda Don’t” by Alexandra Kay, is took the country world by storm. The acoustic-driven tune, with an ample amount of steel woven into the melody, tells a true story for Kay, and was spawned from her first writing session with heavy-hitting writers Ryan Robinnette and Tana Matz.

“It was my first time writing with Ryan and Tana, and we came out of it with one of my favorite songs I have ever written,” says Kay. “’I Kinda Don’t’ is based on a true story, a situation I was in many years ago. I am often inspired by personal experience, and love to really paint a picture in the songs I write.”

The experience Kay is referencing is all too relatable for anyone who has experienced a heartbreak, but also takes a mature approach of knowing that sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be.

“Meeting your ex’s new flame is an uncomfortable situation to be in, and it’s even more uncomfortable when you know in your heart that she is a better fit for him than you were,” says Kay. “’I Kinda Don’t’ is a more mature take on that situation. It’s much easier to just hate the person and blame them for the heartache. In this situation, I wanted him back, but I knew she was better for him. She could give him things I couldn’t.”

In a genre where breakup songs are tried and true, it’s that mature take from Kay that makes “I Kinda Don’t” feel like a breath of fresh, yet still familiar air.

“There are a lot of breakup songs out there. There are lots of songs about being angry and jealous, but I think the best part about this song is that it’s a very mature way to look at this situation that we have all been in,” says Kay. “I love the line, ‘Every time his name rolls off your lips, it reminds me you’re the reason mine will never be on his. And I kinda wanna hate you, kinda wanna be you.” It’s one of my favorite parts of the whole song.”

Though the song is personal to her, Kay says there’s a greater lesson to be taken from it.

“I hope this encourages women to not blame the new girl for their heartache,” says Kay. “Love comes and goes; everything happens for a reason. In the long run, if we were meant to be together, we would be, but we aren’t, and I’m happy that he is happy.”

“I Kinda Don’t” won’t be the last time we hear of Alexandra Kay. After the success of her single “Dive Bar Dreamer,” Kay is now riding quite the hot streak with “I Kinda Don’t.” She’s proven to be able to perfectly balance classic and contemporary with well-written songs with substance. While she continues her rise, jump on the Alexandra Kay bandwagon now. It’s not too late and you’ll be glad you did.

*Images courtesy of Kore Entertainment Public Relations*

**”I Kinda Don’t” is featured on The Best of Pro Country Playlist!**


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