Taylor Austin Dye Delves into Hot and Cold Relationship with New Single “Salt”

Consistency is a part of human nature. As we make our way through life, it’s something we strive for, and in relationships, it’s something we seek out. But such is life, it’s not always easy to find, and the uncertainty of another’s actions keeps us nervously on our toes.

Nine months after the release of her single “Mean,” Taylor Austin Dye is tapping into that feeling with her new single, “Salt.” With her new single, Dye discusses the ups and downs of a relationship on the rocks, a feeling she notes as all-to-common for those who have had that type of person in their lives.

“The hook of this song is ‘I never know what I’m gonna get when I’m with you, salt on the rim or salt on the wound,’” says Dye. “I think we all have someone in our lives, whether it’s a partner or someone else, that is so hot and cold, you never know what version of them you’re going to get. That’s what this song is about; the major highs and the lowest lows of a toxic relationship.”

“Salt” sees Dye doubling down on the southern rock meets 90s country sound that the Kentucky native, Nashville living singer/songwriter introduced with “Mean,” something she says was important as her new single came together.

“It was so important to me for the overall sound of this song to match that theme. The punchy drums and grungy guitar make for a very driving song that is a good blend of country and rock,” says Dye. “We took a lot of time in the studio and in production to really nail down that vibe and I am so pleased with how it turned out.”

Though live music has been slowed to a near standstill in 2020, “Salt” is still tried and true tested on the stage, which is evident in the song’s production.

“I have been performing live at venues for most of my life (it’s my favorite thing in the world) and I am always very aware of how I want things to come across on stage. I wrote this song a little over a year ago and I’ve been playing it at my shows ever since,” says Dye. “When I got in the studio, I was really able to nail down dynamics and my vocal inflections based on my live performances of the song over the past year.”

Accompanying the release of “Salt” for Dye is the success she found with “Mean,” which has since earned nearly 30,000 streams on Spotify and reached thousands more on YouTube, something she says she is thankful for and validated by.

“’Mean’ was such a turning point for me as an artist in many ways. I really felt like I had found my sound and was so proud of that release. The fact that it was so well received by my fans does give me validation that every artist wants,” says Dye. “I think every independent artist goes through moments when we wonder if we’re doing the right thing or even going in the right direction at all, but when you release new music that you really believe in, and it is met with a reciprocated enthusiasm, it is definitely a good and reassuring feeling.”

With that success already under her belt once, Dye says she hopes to find it again with “Salt.”

“I certainly hope “Salt” does as well as “Mean!” says Dye. “I am always pushing myself to do better with every release, so I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it to surpass “Mean,” but as long as people enjoy it, that’s fine by me!”

Though the way 2020 has unfolded changed Dye’s plans for more new music this year, she says she’s taking things in stride as she prepares to return to the studio and bring her music on the road when it’s possible.

“2020 was definitely an unexpected year for everyone, and it has hit artists and people in the music industry very hard. Although it was my goal to release more music this year, I am just thankful I am still able to release ‘Salt!’” says Dye. “In the coming months, I am returning to the studio to record two more songs that will hopefully be released early next year! As always, I’ll continue to play live here in downtown Nashville and travel for more shows when it is possible!”

*Images courtesy of Taylor Austin Dye*

**”Salt” and “Mean” are featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!**


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