Dariann Leigh Turns the Page with New Single “Closer”

In life, one of the hardest things to do sometimes can be moving on. When a situation becomes stagnant, or worse, when things fall apart, turning the page to being a new chapter is an anxious, vulnerable thing to do. Dariann Leigh has been in that story before, and she’s now telling it with her new single, “Closer.”

Though she didn’t have a hand in writing “Closer,” the Minnesota native says she connects with the song on many levels, and feels the message of moving on is a universal truth.

“I connect to ‘Closer’ on so many levels. Many have been through friendships, or relationships they’ve had to find a way to move on from,” says Leigh. “In life you lose people you care about, and you try to find some way to cope to take the next step.”

The song connected with her so much that Leigh held on to it for a year before releasing it, feeling that given the circumstances we have all found ourselves in this year, now was the right time to release it.

“’Closer’ feels right for the times we’re finding ourselves in. It’s all about the next page and chapter. Right now, that’s what so many are going through and have been through,” says Leigh. “I’ve held onto this song for a year, and I had a moment where I thought ‘okay, this is the time.’ I think those kind of gut instincts are to be listened to, so here we are fresh off the release of ‘Closer!’”

Leigh says she hopes listeners get the same emotion from the song as she did when she heard it, and hopes it can help them through a difficult situation.

“When I heard the song, I related to it on a level of grief. I immediately thought this song was too beautiful and relatable to miss out on,” says Leigh. “I hope my listeners are able to find the way they relate to “Closer” and find some sort of healing in it.”

Leigh’s new single follows the release of January’s “Wherever I Go,” which has already become her second most-streamed song to date. Though she says she is thankful for that success, Leigh says she’s not feeling pressure to match or surpass it with “Closer,” instead, hoping that listeners can connect with it as she has.

“Seeing my music reach people is indescribable. It’s something that I live for!  ‘Wherever I Go’ is an anthem for backroad drivers, something to roll your windows down and sing along to! Everyone loves those types of songs!” says Leigh. “I try not to think of it as pressure. For me, it’s another song I love. That’s where I start from. If I personally connect to it, I know others will as well! Any song I release is something special to me. I feel they all hold their own in a unique way.”

As the rest of 2020 unfolds, Leigh says she plans to stay busy creating as she prepares new music next year.

“My plans for the rest of the year are to keep creating more content, keep writing songs, and to record some new music for 2021!”

*”Closer” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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