Frankie Davies Releases Personal Story of Love with New Single “If I Didn’t Love You”

In a year that has been nothing short of tumultuous, it can be hard to carry on and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Oftentimes, we’re forced to lean on the constants in our lives to provide a sense of normalcy. For many, one of the most important of life’s constants is love, and for Frankie Davies, love, and all incarnations of it, served as the inspiration behind her new single “If I Didn’t Love You.”

Faint steel carries the otherwise acoustic melody of Davies’ new single, as she delivers a soothing, inspiring and beautiful lyrics, and coupled with a vocal dripping with emotion. Davies says that emotion, love, was the driving factor behind the song.

“I wanted to write a song about the different ways in which we love; naturally, that idea then became personal about how love has shaped my life and who I am,” says Davies. “It’s the important role love plays in each of our lives; I hadn’t really thought about it before, but love, in its many forms and with many emotions, is the reason I write songs and without it I wouldn’t have anything to write about it.”

Given the current circumstances 2020 has forced us to navigate through, Davies says the song took on a new meaning and transports her to a different time and place, something he hopes can happens with listeners as well.

“This song is so much more important to me after the year we’ve had. The song now transports me to my wedding, reminding me of all that joy we felt on the day and how lucky it is to love and be loved,” says Davies. “I hope people who listen to this song are also reminded of happier times and to hold the ones they love closer.”

Two years removed from the release of her album Wherever I Go and the success that came with it and the single “High on Love,” Davies says she has been taken aback by the response she’s earned, but hasn’t felt pressure to match it with subsequent releases.

“It was a wonderful and strange feeling to see something you’ve created listened to all over the world. I don’t feel too much pressure though; it was amazing, but also unexpected to see success with ‘High On Love.’” Says Davies. “With new releases, I will celebrating their release in the same way, even if it is only a small amount of people listening and enjoying, I’ll just be glad I still have people who want to hear what I’m creating.”

Davies is continuing to give them that new music as well, with “If I Didn’t Love You” following January’s “Asking for a Friend.” Though polar opposites from a lyrical perspective, Davies says the contrast of the two songs hits close to home this year and is a representation of her as an artist and writer.

“’If I Didn’t Love You’ felt like the perfect follow up; it has an essence and feel that is similar to the previous single, but yet couldn’t be more different in their subject matter,” says Davies. “These songs fully represent who I am as a songwriter, and I felt like I needed to share them because they are so relevant for the world we are currently living in.”

With new music coming down the pipeline in 2021, Davies is hinting at a new, darker sound on the new tunes she’s preparing.

“The new year is going to bring music that will be a bit darker, with higher energy and passion,” says Davies. “A real contrast to songs released this year.”

Until then, Davies admits that it’s been difficult to see what the rest of 2020 and beyond will bring, but plans to stay active creatively until she can hit the road again.

“It’s been hard to plan ahead, and not knowing when I’ll be able to tour again really gets me down, but I’m going to keep moving forward, keep writing and releasing music until it’s time to go back on the road,” says Davies. ‘Towards the end of the year I’ll also have a little Christmas surprise that I can’t wait to share.”

*Images courtesy of Frankie Davies Facebook page*

**”If I Didn’t Love You” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!**


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