Amanda Kate Turns Up the Twang on New Single “Buzzin’”

The past year has been full of firsts for Amanda Kate. A debut single and album in late 2019 introduced her as a traditional country artist to watch, and she doubled down on that notion with a cover of “Someone Had to Teach You,” recorded by distinguished artists like George Strait, Wade Hayes and The Time Jumpers. More new music has followed, and success hasn’t been far behind; as she has a music video approaching 100,000 streams, a duet with Marty Raybon, and recently, released a twang-filled pep talk with her single “Buzzin’,” released in late September.

Kate has accrued quite the resumé in the past year, so we caught up with her to get her thoughts on her success, “Buzzin’,” what listeners can expect from new music and more!

Pro Country: The last time we talked, you had just released “Someone Had to Teach You” and were preparing the music video for “Healing When I Ride,” which is quickly approaching 100,000 views since its release. What do you think it is about that song, its video, and message that has allowed it to connect with listeners the way it has?

Amanda Kate: I think the song has a gentleness about it that feels calming, but also very relatable when it comes to needing healing. Everyone goes through tough times, and although “riding” for me means horses, some people find healing in running, hiking, yoga or biking. There are so many physical outlets that help people heal, and I think that’s what people gravitate to with the song. Then of course the horse people totally relate. There’s a quote I read somewhere that said, “Something about the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man,” and that has never felt more true. 

PC: You released a cover of “The Old Rugged Cross,” featuring Marty Raybon of Shenandoah, in early August. Can you talk about what drew you to record the song and how Marty became involved in the project? What was it like for you to have Marty on the song?

AK: I’ve been singing that song since I was really young in church, and I’ve always loved it so much. Marty had worked with a mutual friend of mine in the past, and when I was thinking of iconic country voices, I couldn’t imagine any other voice than his. Marty was a dream to work with; the kindest man I’ve ever met! We both have such a love for Jesus that it made creating this song such a beautiful moment! 

PC: You released your single “Buzzin’” in late September. Why did you feel “Buzzin’” was the right follow up to both “Someone Had to Teach You” and “The Old Rugged Cross”?

AK: I just wanted something upbeat and fun. I was hoping to be performing it live a lot more this year, but it’s just a fun little country song that I get to go full-on twang with and I love it. 

PC: Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Buzzin’”? 

AK: I wrote this as a pep talk to myself, reminding everyone that even when life gets you down, you gotta keep on keeping on; keep buzzin’ to the top! 

PC: “Buzzin’” is a song about resilience and confidence. You mentioned it as a pep talk to yourself, what has the song meant to you? What do you hope listeners take away from it?

AK: 100%. Doing music these days is really tough and takes a lot of resilience! I wanted to remind myself to never give up! I hope listeners remember to keep dreaming, even when the haters hate [laughs].

PC: You’re currently working on and writing new music. Can you talk about which point in the creative process you are right now? What can listeners expect to hear with your new music? 

AK: Yes, we actually have my next EP done, it’s all COUNTRY; twangy, fun, sassy and a total throwback to the 90s country we all love.  

PC: 2020 has altered most of the plans of artists so far. Of the things, you can control, what are your plans for the rest of the year and going into 2021?

AK: Releasing more music, hopefully, some fun music videos and spending time with my family. I hope some live shows are in the mix, but I’ve learned to be careful with my expectations [laughs].

*Listen to Amanda’s new Christmas single, “Timeless Joy, Oh Holy Night” here!*

**Read our first interview with Amanda here**


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