Chad Cooke Band Release Barn-Burning Single “Bringing Country Back”

Everyone loves a good ol’ sad song, but in a year that has been filled with more sad that normal, a good timing honky tonker is just what the doctor ordered. Luckily, the Chad Cooke Band have delivered with their single “Bringing Country Back.”

In tried and true barn burning fashion, the song begins with subdued acoustic and steel lines before erupting into a full blown honky tonk jam, and doesn’t take its foot off the pedal for the duration of the song.

The Band says “Bringing Country Back” is based on countless experiences they’ve had playing live over the years.

“It’s a true story based on a collaboration of stories that we have experienced over the years playing beer joints and dancehalls,” the Band says. “There’s always that one guy in every bar who strikes up a conversation with us while we’re setting up, asking what kind of music we play. As if the cowboy boots, Wrangler jeans and Stetson hats didn’t give it away. We tell ‘em country music, buy ‘em a beer and hope they stick around to watch the show, and when they do, it’s always fun to watch the reaction.”

“Bringing Country Back” comes on the heels of the release of “Cowboy’s Cowgirl,” which continued their impressive run of radio and streaming success that the Band has been riding since their debut album in 2016 and the success of its single, “Oil Man.”

“It’s always an exciting time when we release new music because we never know how listeners are going to respond, so when positive feedback comes our way, it’s a tremendous feeling of gratitude,” the Band says. “We put a lot of work into these songs, so having prolonged success for any one of them is a blessing.”

The Band says the decision to release “Bringing Country Back” as a single comes from their desire to release a barn burning song to radio, and also showcases the sonic chops and diversity from “Cowboy’s Cowgirl.”

“We’ve been wanting to release an up-tempo, honky-tonk burner type of song for a while. We had a song on our Risk It All album called “Little Miss Saturday Night” that fit this style, but it was never released as a single, so we felt the time was right after “Cowboy’s Cowgirl” because the feel between the two songs are so different and we loved the diversity of it,” the Band says. “The last thing we want is for the listener to pigeonhole our sound. We love to mix it up.”

In doing so, the Band says they will continue to pull their diverse sonic influences to create the best possible sound and give the best representation of their live performances.

“W,e love the diversity between the two songs. We all grew up on 90’s country, but we like some of the newer country sounds as well. We’re not into the snap tracks and auto-tuned vocals that you hear on top 40 country music these days, but we feel both of these songs have a realistic sound to them,” the Band says. “To put it bluntly, we want to sound like we do live; a real band playing real music, whether it has a contemporary feel to it or not.”

As the Band looks forward to 2021, they are continuing to prepare new music (including their newest single, “Brothers”) as they keep up with modern methods of releasing music.

“We will be releasing new music very often. We feel the age of waiting until a full album is complete before releasing new music is coming to an end. Listeners are bombarded with so much music these days that a lot of songs on an album can become lost in the mix,” the Band says. “We will still continue to release albums, but we put so much work and heart into every song that we want to make sure that each song has its day.”

*Be on the lookout for our interview with the Band about “Brothers” coming soon!*

**”Bringing Country Back” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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