Chad Cooke Band Tug at the Heartstrings with New Single “Brothers”

Remember when we chatted with the Chad Cooke Band last week and we said that a good timing, honky tonkin’ single like “Bringing Country Back” was just what the doctor ordered for 2020? That holds true, but at the end of the day, we’re still clingers to sad ol’ songs, so their newest single, “Brothers” hits the spot.

A steel-drenched tear jerker about the undeniable bond between brothers, the Band isn’t just firing on all cylinders this year, with “Brothers,” they may have released their best song to date.

Because “Bringing Country Back” was a barn-burning tune, the Band says that they wanted to do a full 180 with “Brothers” because of its message and timeliness.

“We really wanted a change in tone with the release of ‘Brothers.’ Where ‘Bringing Country Back’ was more of a fun-loving honky-tonker, ‘Brothers’ is a sentimental song that pulls on the heartstrings,” the Band says. “We do have a couple of songs like this in our catalogue, but we think it’s important to have a wide range of songs that span that emotional spectrum. We haven’t released any material like ‘Brothers’ in a while, and its release really balances the catalogue for us. Also, we intentionally timed the release around Thanksgiving and Christmas, since many of us are around our families during this time.”

“Brothers,” written by Andy Albert, Jordan Walker and Brian Carper, is a song the Band says they all felt a connection to right away, even moving a member of two to tears after hearing it, which drew them to record the song.

“Brothers”’ is a song that we all felt a connection to from the start. I’m not gonna name any names, but there are few of us in the band that have shed a tear or two as a result of listening to this song,” the Band says. “If the song could get that emotional response out of us, we’re hoping that our listeners get that same feeling when they listen.”

The Band says that connection comes from placing themselves and their families in the song’s story, and feel that the song comes with a broader appeal than the love between brothers.

“Though the song is specifically about the never-ending bond between two brothers, we feel it also has the ability to connect in a broader sense. Not all of us in the band have a biological brother, but we all have a sibling,” the Band says. “Listening to this song, we were able to picture some of our own childhood memories. We hope listeners are able to connect to the song the same way. Whether it’s a brother, sister, or even a childhood best friend.”

Heading into 2021, the Band has no plans of slowing their pace of releases, with new and re-imagined tunes slated for release next year.

“This year we decided to start releasing music at a pretty quick pace. We’ve still got a few songs tracked from our Nashville trip last January that we’ll be releasing in 2021, but we’re also headed back to Saxman Studios this coming January for more songwriting and recording,” the Band says. “Lots of good stuff coming down the pipeline! We also plan to release a few acoustic tracks of some new material as well as some re-imagining of a few older tunes.”

As 2020 comes to a close, the Band says they are thankful that they’ve been able to stay relatively busy on the road, but have also cherished the down time for creating music and spending time with loved ones.

“Some places in Texas are opening back up again. Largely in part, it’s the outside, open-air venues that keep us on the road, which this time of year can get pretty darn cold! We’re having to pack lots of extra layers for the stage!” the Band says. “We are fortunate that we’ve stayed moderately busy gigging during the final few months of the year. Between the gigs, working on the new songs and taking a little time off to spend with our families and friends, we’ve been staying pretty busy!”

Additional comment from Chad Cooke Band: “It’s certainly been a tough year for music, but we’re going to keep on playing and releasing the best country music we possibly can. Make sure to follow us on Spotify or Apple Music and check out our upcoming 2021 tour schedule at We hope to see y’all out there!”

*”Brothers” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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