Leah Belle Faser Debuts Music Video for New Single “Second-Hand Store” [Premiere]

A bright, young country music career got underway in October of 2020. At just 16 years-old, Atlanta, Georgia native Leah Belle Faser released her debut EP, Crossing Hermi’s Bridge, which has helped her earn thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify, a CMT feature on her debut music video “Better than Mine” that earned over 50,000 views, and most recently, Faser was named one of Bust Magazine’s Five Artists to Watch in 2021.

As February begins, Faser is ready to add to her already impressive resumé with the release of her sophomore music video for the second single on Crossing Hermi’s Bridge, “Second-Hand Store,” which Pro Country is honored to premiere three days before its official release.

Combining contemporary and 90s country sounds, and even delving into rock as well, Faser sings about knowing one’s worth and sticking it to someone who judges and compares. An undeniably catchy chorus and fun melody drive the song, which Faser solo-wrote, along with the other six songs on Crossing Hermi’s Bridge.

Of her new single and video, Faser says, “Anyone who keeps that wonderfully aged, threadbare sweater in the closet knows just how comfy it is. It may not show well outside the house, but it is special and shouldn’t be compared to the new, stylish item hanging beside it. ‘Second-Hand Store’ is about the feeling of not wanting to take someone back who has judged you unworthy next to a shiny, new thing.”

*Stream Crossing Hermi’s Bridge on Spotify or Apple Music*

**Feature image by Deborah Celecia Wagoner**


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