Royale Lynn Expands Her “Cowgirl Country” Brand with New Single, “Rocket Man”

For country music fans in Nashville and beyond, it’s getting hard to ignore Royale Lynn. Nearly 200,000 combined streams on her four single releases, a strong TikTok presence and seeing her name pop up as a writer on a top 40 song on the iTunes country chart have all cemented her as an artist to watch in 2021.

Royale Lynn’s last single, “Texas Hold ‘Em” was not only one of our favorite singles of 2020, but it continued a streak of each of her four singles debuting in the top 100 on the iTunes country singles chart, something she says she never takes for granted.

“I owe everything to my support system. Without their support, I wouldn’t be able to do this,” Royale Lynn says. “We have charted with the past four singles because of the support system I have worked so hard to build. Every single person that I have crossed paths with, I hope knows how much they mean to me!”

She is looking to continue that streak with the release of her new single, “Rocket Man,” a song that Royale Lynn she decided to release after “Texas Hold ‘Em” because it shows artistic and creative growth.

“I wanted to go a different direction than ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ because I always want to be growing,” Royale Lynn says. “I have been writing a variety of different material because I feel as though I can learn from each new experience. That’s how ‘Rocket Man’ came about, I was ready to do something different, but give it a western twist!”

In doing so, Royale Lynn says that she’s continuing to learn about the craft of songwriting and how to show a new side of herself.

“I want to learn as much as I can about songwriting and creating new sounds. I thought this song really showed a different side of me that no one has seen yet,” Royale Lynn says. “This song is an important step in who I am as an artist and the writing I am capable of.”

Based on a real heartbreak, Royale Lynn says “Rocket Man” came together quickly in the writing room.

“’Rocket Man’ is a true story actually, I wrote it because I was going through a rough breakup and that’s how I thought of the idea for the song,” Royale Lynn says. “I sat down with Josh Wolfe,  told him my idea around it and the song kind of wrote itself!”

When we chatted with her for the release of “Texas Hold ‘Em,” Royale Lynn told us she was using her down time in 2020 to “hone in on [her] craft.” With “Rocket Man” being the first glimpse of the new music she has been writing and creating.

“2020 was definitely such an explorative time in my life. I have really enjoyed getting to write full time! I took a step back to figure out exactly what I wanted to say with my music and what should really come next! During this period, I have written hundreds of songs, and ‘Rocket Man’ was so special to me,” Royale Lynn says. “It’s a bit different than anything I have ever done, and I really liked the idea of that. I want to push the bar as far as I can when it comes to ‘Cowgirl Country,’ and I think we achieved that with this track!”

2021 is already off to a hot start for Royale Lynn, and she is looking to ride that momentum through the rest of the year.

“Honestly, 2021 has already been a bit crazy! I released a Cody Johnson cover that did very well on TikTok and has over 100,000 views on it! Then a song I wrote called ‘Far Boy’ by Leah Mason went viral with seven million views,” Royale Lynn says. “It has been an insane ride so far, so I can only look forward to everything that is coming in 2021! I am going to be releasing new music after ‘Rocket Man’ drops, and continuing to write for not only myself but I hope other artists! Stay Tuned!”


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