Hershell Golden Strikes Country Music Gold with Upcoming Single, “Somebody Else Will”

With each single release, Hershell Golden not only continues to get better, but he also continues to cement himself as a go-to artist for fans searching for true, traditional country music. His forthcoming single, “Somebody Else Will,” set for release in March, is no different.

Jam-packed with fiddle, steel and twanging guitars, “Somebody Else Will” is sure to be an earworm for years to come in the traditional country music community.

Golden’s new single follows September’s “Hello Honky Tonk,” a Mark Chesnutt cover that Golden says has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

“I’ve received amazing feedback from the release of ‘Hello Honky Tonk,’” says Golden. “Prior to tracking it, I told few people which cover tune I was taking to the studio. I wanted it to be a surprise, because I knew deep down that people were going love the song choice. It’s classic Chesnutt, and I’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s positive response to my take on it.”

Though he says he initially didn’t have a plan for the sequencing of his single releases, Golden says he knew “Somebody Else Will” would be his next release immediately upon hearing it.

“To be quite honest, there was no mapped out or planned follow up to ‘Hello Honky Tonk’ in mind,” says Golden. “I had several songs ready to cut and release, but as soon as I heard ‘Somebody Else Will,’ I knew that this was the next song I wanted to release, no doubt about it.”

“Somebody Else Will” comes courtesy of Aaron Holmes of the Kenny Martin Band, who penned the song was more than willing to let Golden take it into the studio.

“A mutual friend and local musician, Colton Purswell, recorded the Kenny Martin Band playing this song live at Roy Head’s celebration of life concert in New Caney, Texas shortly after Roy’s passing. He recorded it on his cell phone and posted it on social media. I fell in love immediately! That afternoon I messaged Aaron and asked him if he wrote the song. It came as no surprise that he said yes, being that I knew it took a remarkable writer,” says Golden. “I wasted no time asking if I could cut it. I’m very grateful he let me do so. The lyrics and melody are just classic, good stuff!”

With his new single, Golden turns up the twang an extra notch or two, further leaning into the traditional country sound that listeners have come to expect from him.

“Traditional country music is what I’ve always been drawn to. When I sing, that style of music is all that comes out. Same thing when I pick up a pen or choose other peoples’ songs to do,” says Golden. “I love all genres of music, but it’s important for me to stay with what comes natural for me, and that’s traditional country.”

2021 looks to be a busy one for Golden, who plans to take his new single to Texas radio and finish work on his debut album.

“I would have to say my look ahead for 2021 would be to continue writing and finish my full length album I’m currently working on,” says Golden. “I’d also like to see what response ‘Somebody Else Will’ will receive on Texas radio, and possibly cut a video for the single.”

With great success already under his belt, Golden sends his thanks to his support system for helping him to this point.

“I’d like to thank my beautiful wife Alyssa Golden, my friends and family, and yourself, Justin, for making 2020 such a great year for me,” says Golden. “There’s no way I could do it without any of you, God bless and much love!”


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