Emily Daniels Shows Her Hopeful, Light-Hearted Side with New Single, “I’d Fall For That”

When listening to music, sometimes we want to have our hearts ripped out, and sometimes we want a lighthearted good time. With her last two single releases, Emily Daniels has delivered both, all the while, honing in on who she wants to be as an artist.

Daniels’ new single, “I’d Fall For That,” comes about six months after August’s “My Last Name,” a deeply personal single that delves into a toxic relationship with her biological father, and a song she continues to receive messages about from listeners who relate to the song.

“The response to ‘My Last Name’ was more than I could have hoped for,” says Daniels. “When we wrote it, I was sharing a deeply personal story, but it turned out to be more relatable than I’d ever imagined. Months later, I still receive messages from people who have lived similar stories saying that the song has helped them in their own journey, and some women have even shared that it’s inspired them to legally change their own last name as well. I’m so glad I decided to share that vulnerable part of my story with the world.”

Because “I’d Fall For That” is a more fun, lighthearted song, Daniels says she thought it would be the perfect follow up to a heavy song like “My Last Name.”

“I’d been waiting for the right time to release ‘I’d Fall for That,’ and I wanted to share another side of me after being so vulnerable in ‘My Last Name,’” says Daniels. “I think there’s a time and purpose for every song, and for me, after sharing a song that was so heavy, I felt like it was time to release a more lighthearted song that also happened to be the first love song I’ve released.”

Daniels says the inspiration for her new single came when she and her co-writer were mapping out the ideal man she is searching for.

“’I’d Fall for That’ is an upbeat, hopeful song written by a girl who wasn’t in love, but wanted to be one day. I’m glad I was so detailed in writing what I want in my person, as it’s turned out to be a helpful reference point when I’m dating,” Daniels says with a laugh. “I like to be autobiographical in my writing, and when we wrote this song, I wasn’t dating anyone, so one of the songwriters, Lance Carpenter, suggested we write about what I was looking for in a future boyfriend and husband.”

While capturing a sound that would fit well on a 90s Shania Twain record, Daniels also stays refreshingly current on her new single, striking a balance she says is important to her sound.

“Shania has always been a huge inspiration to me. I grew up on 90s country and really want to keep that as an anchor for me when exploring my own sound in country music,” says Daniels. “I think music is constantly evolving, but country music is rooted deeply in tradition, so I didn’t want to stray far from that, especially with this song.”

With two singles now released in what Daniels says will be a series of interconnected stories, she says she is excited to let listeners in on the next chapters in the upcoming months.

“The songs I’ve released so far are part of a greater story that will be revealed more and more with each subsequent release. I’m really excited for y’all to see it all come together over the next few months!” says Daniels. “I’ve really honed in on who I am as an artist and have never been more stoked to share new music!”

As she prepares her new releases, Daniels remains hopeful that she will be able to return to the stage in greater capacity in 2021, and until she can do so, enjoying living in the here and now.

“I really hope I can play shows again; that’s been what I’ve missed most this past year, both as an artist and a fan of artists. It’s been strange living life without live music, so I’m hopeful things will improve with time,” says Daniels. “Until then, I plan on living in the moment more in 2021 and finding better balance with work and rest. I also want to continue prioritizing family time and trips for fun (not work) this year when things do pick back up again.”

*”I’d Fall For That” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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