Payton Howie Flips the Script from “Troublemaker” to New Single, “Run Boy Run”

All great things deserve a sequel, and music is no different.

As July of 2020 came to a close, Payton Howie released “Troublemaker,” one of her most successful singles to date; a playfully country-rocking song about beginning a new fling. However, as life goes, it doesn’t always work out. Enter Howie’s new single, “Run Boy Run.”

Equally rocking but with a more vengeful tone, “Run Boy Run” picks up right where “Troublemaker” left off, sharing a similar melody, even borrowing some of the same phrases, allowing Howie to run both ends of the gamut on a relationship gone sour. Howie says releasing the songs sequentially was intentional and follows the natural emotions that follow love gone wrong.

“I am SO glad you picked up on it! ‘Run Boy Run’ is a sequel to the person who is the ‘Troublemaker,’” says Howie. “In the song ‘Troublemaker,’ she takes him dancing and all the places he shouldn’t go, you’re seeing her playful, fun side. You see a whole different side of her in ‘Run Boy Run,’ because a guy uses and cheats on one of her girls, she becomes karma personified, and chases this guy out of town.”

With “Run Boy Run,” Howie hopes to continue the success of both “Troublemaker” and its predecessor, “F150,” both of which have combined for over 325,000 streams on Spotify and several thousand more on YouTube, something she has been continuously thankful for,

“it is so motivating. I wake up every morning, grab my coffee, and my favorite part of the day is checking out my Spotify Artist app that tells me where my music is being played. From there, my mind is totally blown by seeing that one person who listened to my song is somewhere in Uruguay, South America, and it just totally motivates me to write more,” says Howie. “Don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel the love and support from the thousands of plays coming from my hometown, but it just hits different to see that one play of my song about my cheating ex-boyfriend is being listened to by someone in South America.”

Though she is thankful for the success, Howie says she feels pressure when releasing new music because her songs come from a real place in her life.

“Honestly, I always feel pressure when I’m getting ready to release new music. The songs that I write are predominantly about something that has touched my life in a special way or in a sad way, and putting that out there for the world to see is a little unnerving sometimes,” says Howie. “I think us artists can get so caught up in streams, followers and likes, because, yeah, we get that dopamine hit from the approval and it can be addicting, but next thing you know, I get this DM from a girl telling me how my song helped her to pick herself up off the ground after her break up, and I’m reminded all over again of why I actually write music. It’s about the basic concept of pure human connection.”

While many artists’ performances are still few and far between, Howie considers herself lucky to still be able to consistently bring her music on the road regularly.

“I’ve absolutely been so fortunate to just be in the right place at the right time in different cities during varying seasons of the pandemic. I don’t take it for granted, because I have so many friends stuck in a state that literally is not playing music anywhere,” says Howie. “The hurt they feel from not being able to perform music is killing them almost as much as it is killing everyone that misses listening to live music.”

In her time not spent on the road, Howie says she stayed creative and dug deeper with her songs, as she will be continuously releasing music through the end of the year, culminating in her debut EP.

“Taking advantage of the time not playing shows has been spent writing and creating more personal music. I was able to write my first EP that I will be releasing singles from throughout the year, and then I’m dropping it in its entirety towards the end of this year. I will also be filming and releasing my first music video for my next single dropping in May, and I am so excited about it,” says Howie. “This next song I will be dropping shows my love and respect for our country and our Military, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all! I have a few shows scheduled that can be found on my website at”

*”Run Boy Run” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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