Hunter Thomas Mounce Keeps Momentum Rolling with New Single, “One Good Reason” [Premiere]

Hunter Thomas Mounce has been a busy guy in 2021, and if the first quarter of the year is any indication, he’s in for a big year.

With the desire to “unleash [his] true potential” in 2021, Mounce opened his year with the release of his single “Alone in the Lone Star” in January, and followed it with “What She Forgot” in February;” the former has quickly become one of his top songs on Spotify, and the latter may just be our favorite song he’s released yet.

Looking to keep momentum rolling, Mounce is releasing his third single of the year, “One Good Reason,” on Wednesday, but we’re honored to premiere it for you two days early!

Opening with an infectious fiddle lick and twanging guitar, Mounce’s new single offers a much more optimistic look at love than his first pair of 2021 singles. However, there is some common ground with “One Good Reason” and “What She Forgot;” they share a co-writer, Nick DeLeo.

“This was the first song Nick DeLeo and I ever wrote,” says Mounce. “I’m sure you recognize that name, because he was a writer on ‘What She Forgot!’ Nick is one of my best friends in Nashville.”

Mounce says he carried the idea that would become “One Good Reason” for years before the idea finally clicked with DeLeo.

“This was an idea that I had for years. I auditioned it with other writers. Most passed it up. For the folks who were interested in the concept, we just never could get it done,” says Mounce. “The day I brought it to Nick, we wrote this song in about two hours. It felt so natural and we had a great time with it. I knew from that point, Nick was a guy I could trust with my best ideas.”

Though he kept it in his pocket for a while after the song was written, Mounce says that the song not only stuck with him, but that it sounded fresh to him each time he listened to it.

“It’s funny, he had forgotten about this song when I went to record it. I played it for him and he said ‘Oh yeah, I remember that one. How could I forget?’” says Mounce. “I love how this song seems fresh to my ear every time I hear it, though it’s been a couple years at this point since we penned it!”

Get a first listen to “One Good Reason” below:

*Promo photo by Lexie Rucker*


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