Jeff Tuohy Prepares Reminiscent New Single, “Old Roads”

Nothing is more comforting than familiarity, and one universal familiarity is home. One quick flashback can turn into a long trip down memory lane, and it’s always a welcome adventure.

With his new single, “Old Roads,” Jeff Tuohy proves he’s taken that trip before, and has delivered an anthemic type of song tailor made for riding down the same “old roads” that Tuohy sings about in their own town. Set for release tomorrow, we’re happy to bring it to you a day early!

Tuohy says the song’s melody had been with him for some time, but it wasn’t until taking a trip with friends that the song began to take shape.

“The riff was something I’d play when sound checking,” says Tuohy. “The pre-chorus and hook struck me while at the beach, staring at the ocean with friends.”

“Old Roads” comes from a special place for Tuohy, as he nearly verbatim runs through his favorites pastimes with a close friend. And while the song is so personal to Tuohy’s experiences, the overarching theme of missing time spent at home is something Tuohy feels is all-too-relatable.

“Lyrically, it’s a direct reference to one of my favorite pastimes with my friend, Jonny B. We take hybrid bicycles on 30-to-40-mile rides, converse, and ‘solve the world’s problems,’”says Tuohy. “We hit main drags, backroads, forest trails, bars; wherever the road takes us. When you’re on the road, touring, you miss a lot of holidays and special events. You miss the people. You miss the places. You miss home. This song encapsulates that.”

Listen to “Old Roads” here

Stream the track here starting July 14!


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