Joe Hermes Debuts Lyric Video for New Single, “Stronger Than Whiskey” [Premiere]

It’s certainly an exciting time to be a fan of Joe Hermes right now. Two single releases in 2021 have re-ignited the momentum Hermes found with the release of his 2019 EP Souls with Stones.

Nearly two years to the day after Souls with Stones was released, the country-rocking Illinois native released his newest single, “Stronger Than Whiskey,” and to accompany its release, Pro Country is honored to premiere the lyric video for the song!

Hermes says he hopes the song, produced by Grammy winning producer and manager Dale Oliver, can be used to offer an empathetic, feeling of shared experience with listeners

“I have learned to channel some of the most difficult parts of my life through songs, as well as how I have worked through them. I put my music out into the world in hopes that it can help others or provide some empathy,” says Hermes. “No matter if you are in the lows of lows or at the highest of highs, I want to have a song that can be with you in that moment.”

“Stronger Than Whiskey” offers a glimpse of new music to come that Hermes and Oliver are finalizing, which he promises will capture more of the honest lyricism that listeners have become accustomed to with his music thus far.

*Watch the premiere of the “Stronger Than Whiskey” lyric video below!*

*”Stronger Than Whiskey” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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