Leah Marie Mason Proves She’s on the Right Path with New Single, “I Wish”

Whether it’s true or the stuff of legend, many artists fear the dreaded “sophomore slump;” finding great success with a debut release and having a letdown with its follow up. Finding and continuing momentum is important, especially for new artists. Luckily for Leah Marie Mason, she found momentum with her debut single “Far Boy,” and is continuing it with her new single, “I Wish.”

Released nearly seven months ago, “Far Boy” first showcased its power on January 31st after Mason posted a video on TikTok where she played the song for her ex-boyfriend that inspired her to write the song. The video currently has over 13 million views, and after releasing the song a few days later, it has since earned well over one million Spotify streams, landed on several major playlists and served as a great starting point for the singer/songwriter.

Now that she has had time to reflect, Mason says she is grateful for the journey “Far Boy” took her on and the risk she took in releasing the song.

“Looking back, I’m so grateful that I just took the risk and released ‘Far Boy.’ I had no management, no label, no help and no following, but I believed in the song so much that numbers didn’t matter much to me at the time,” says Mason. “It ended up being the song that changed everything for me and I wouldn’t have even half of the opportunities I have now had I not taken that leap of faith. Moral of the story, don’t let fear hold you back from doing anything, because you NEVER KNOW where it might lead you!”

Prior to releasing “I Wish” in early August, Mason says she understood how important her follow up to “Far Boy” was going to be in her career, and says she knew her newest single was the perfect response.

“I felt like my next solo release was going to be really important in showing my audience who I really was as an artist,” says Mason. “‘I Wish’ was a song I knew was really special right after I wrote it, and it felt like the perfect continuation of my story that I had started with ‘Far Boy.’”

Once again drawing inspiration from love lost, Mason says the song spawned from wondering what where a relationship would have gone if it had lasted and handling what life threw at her in the midst of coping with the breakup.

“In a past relationship, after we had broken up, I just kept thinking about all of the ‘what ifs,’ and I couldn’t help but wonder what life would have looked like had we stayed together. Sometimes no matter how badly you wish it worked out with someone, it just doesn’t, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing,” says Mason. “Life has a weird way of not giving you what you want, but giving you what you need, which is exactly what happened to me, and this song was just my way of coping with that.”

In just a month since its release, “I Wish” has skyrocketed past 200,000 Spotify streams, and once again landed Mason on major curated playlists. She says though she was initially nervous as she prepared to release her sophomore single, the response has motivated her and validates her artistic direction.

“It definitely was nerve-wracking putting out music post-‘Far Boy,’ just because I felt like there was a certain level of expectation,” says Mason. “I’m still a new artist and nothing is guaranteed for me, so seeing that number really does feel validating in a sense, and I’m super proud with what I’ve been able to accomplish with this song. It’s more motivating than anything, and just goes to show that I’m on the right path with my music!”

A few days after releasing the song, Mason premiered the music video for “I Wish,” a concept video that has since earned over 300,000 views and allowed Mason to bring the song’s vision to life.

“I’ve been interested in acting since I was a little kid. Filming these music videos has been such a fun experience for me,” says Mason. “I love everything from costume design to set design, I really had the best time working with the videographer. The vision I had in my head came to life perfectly, and I’m just so proud with how it turned out!”

When we last spoke with Mason, she promised several projects on the horizon, and now, she is doubling down on her excitement for what the future has in store with new music and videos coming down the pipeline.

“There’s much more music I have lined up that I’m super excited for everyone to hear, even a few more music videos that I am absolutely in love with, so this year still has a lot in store!”

*”I Wish” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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