Brenda Cay Gets “Drunk On Country Songs” with New Music Video [Premiere]

Sometimes a song or an artist can relate and ease tension more than anything else. Sometimes a tear-in-your-beer tune is better than actual tears in your beer, something Brenda Cay knows all too well with the release of her newest single, “Drunk on Country Songs,” earlier this month.

A honky tonk piano is coupled with plenty of steel guitar and references to plenty of the artists that made country music great, and to celebrate the song, Cay is releasing a music video in support, which we are honored to premiere today!

Throughout the video, Cay shows off the sights of Music City, from a record store to a karaoke bar or a good ol’ barstool, Cay says she made it a point to deliver a good-timing video after the not so good-timing year and a half we have just endured.

“I really wanted to put out a music video that would bring a smile to everyone’s face, thus why my video is so much fun,” Cay says. “Life has been so serious in the past year and a half, I think we all need to smile and enjoy life and music together.”

Since its release on September 3rd, listeners are proving that they sometimes have a round or two on country songs as well, as the single has earned nearly 40,000 streams on Spotify and is getting quite the response from listeners.

Check out the premiere of the “Drunk On Country Songs” music video below!


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