Brandi Behlen Tugs at the Heartstrings with Forthcoming New Single “I Wish He’d Been Drinkin’ Whiskey”

Though we’re always ready to scoot a boot, we’ll always be clingers to sad ol’ songs first. With her debut, self-titled EP released last year, Brandi Behlen proved she’s more than capable of delivering a good tear-in-your-beer tune (see “The Back Row” for a perfect example), and with her upcoming single, “I Wish He’d Been Drinkin’ Whiskey,” set for release on Friday, she’s doubling down.

Behlen’s newest single follows “Gypsy,” a much more upbeat tune featuring rollicking fiddle and steel, which also served as her highest chart debut on the Texas Country Music Chart, as well as charting on several Texas charts and even peaking at number three in Louisiana.

“’Gypsy’ was my highest debut for a single yet,” says Behlen. “With it being one that I wrote myself, it definitely meant a lot to me seeing the success it had on the charts.”

Behlen says she followed with “I Wish He’d Been Drinkin’ Whiskey” in an attempt to offer a different side of herself to radio.

“I feel like ‘I Wish He’d Been Drinkin’ Whiskey’ is a good follow up because radio hasn’t seen this side of me yet,” says Behlen. “My last five singles to radio have been upbeat and spunky, so I’m really excited to switch gears on this one.”

Penned by heavy-hitting songwriters Bob DiPiero and Karyn Rochelle, Behlen says she was struck by the story of the song after it was presented to her.

“The song was pitched to me by my producer in Nashville. I was needing slower songs for the record, and I just loved the story behind this song,” says Behlen. “I really am a happy person most of the time, but I’m a sucker for sad country songs that tug your heart strings!”

To coincide with her new release, Behlen is set to premiere a music video for “I Wish He’d Been Drinkin’ Whiskey,” which she says paints a perfect visual to the story the song presents.

“This video was so fun to shoot, despite the sad meaning of the song. Twin Oaks Ranch in Hallettsville, TX was kind enough to let us use their beautiful venue out in the country, which is totally my vibe. This video took me back to my roots, and I’m just so proud of it and everyone involved. Cody, the actor in the video, had never been in a video before, and he totally KILLED it! Gabriel Muniz, the videographer, is so easy to work with and has years of experience doing this kind of thing,” says Behlen. “As far as the video helping tell the story, I just love having a visual. A lot of people don’t really feel the lyrics they’re hearing, but if they are able to watch a video at the same time, I really think it gives a better understanding.”

With a full slate of shows scheduled for the rest of the year and overflowing into next, Behlen says she is thankful to be back on the road and bringing her music to live audiences again.

“Considering the lockdown last year, I am so grateful to be booked up and busy,” says Behlen. “Last year was ROUGH. I had just released my album when the pandemic hit, so I didn’t get the chance to promote it like I wanted to. Since then, I’ve just been on the road making up for last year’s lost time.”

As she looks ahead to the rest of her year, Behlen says she has simple plans to close out 2021.

“I plan to continue promoting my record, release new music, travel new places and meet new faces.”


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