Alannah McCready Captures the Trials of Long Distance Relationships on New Single, “Can I Call”

Oftentimes when listening to a song about a relationship, the narrator paints a perfect picture of a blissful romance. While that’s certainly the goal of any relationship, country music is about three chords and the truth, and if a relationship isn’t exactly smooth-sailing, country music is going to talk about it. That’s exactly what Alannah McCready has done with her new single, “Can I Call.”

Released as March came to a close, “Can I Call” sees McCready running through the emotions that are accompanied with being on separate coasts with a significant other. With loneliness and hopefulness and everywhere in between, McCready and duet partner Will Gittens perfectly tackle the real-life feelings each side of the relationship run through.

We chatted with McCready all about “Can I Call,” as well as her upcoming EP, hitting the road and more!

Pro Country: Your last single, “Something Like That,” has earned over 50,000 and landed you on several playlists. Going into a new EP release cycle, how encouraging was it to come out of the gate with that success? What do you think it is about the song that has allowed it to connect with listeners the way it has?

Alannah McCready: I am so proud of “Something Like That!” It was so motivating to have my first single in three years do so well! I think listeners really connected with the concept of the song. In today’s dating world, I think people get lost in all of these specific things they need from a partner, when really, it’s the simplest things that should carry the most weight!

PC: Why did you feel that your newest single, “Can I Call,” was the right follow up to “Something Like That”?

AM: Even though “Something Like That” is mid-tempo, it is a little sassy, so I wanted to show that there will be a variety of songs on this project by dropping “Can I Call” second. I love that we did a 180 theme-wise, and it’s a duet, which I think makes it very special.

PC: While “Something Like That” features a more contemporary production style, “Can I Call” is more stripped down. What was it about the song that drew that production choice? Is it at all important to you to be able to showcase both sides of your artistry in that way?

AM: I think we originally had thoughts of keeping it even more stripped-down than it is now, but Sterling, the producer on the track, got his hands on it and turned it into something even more magical than I could have imagined. It is very important to me to show all sides of my artistry and voice, so I am so grateful that Sterling produced this entire project. I think the tracks on this EP will showcase all sides of myself as an artist, and I am very proud of that.

PC: You co-wrote “Can I Call” with Sterling Gittens Jr. and Will Gittens about a long distance relationship. Can you take us in the room and talk to us about the inspiration behind the song and how it came together?

AM: “Can I Call” was the last song we wrote for my new EP, and we knew we wanted it to be a duet! Sterling, who produced the track, actually came up with the concept in the shower. He then brought it to Will and me to develop. Will and I have both previously been in long distance relationships, so this song came together pretty naturally once we got going! I am thrilled with how it turned out and so happy everyone finally gets to hear the track!

PC: Will Gittens sings duet vocals on “Can I Call.” How much did you enjoy sharing the studio and song with Will? What did he bring to the song?

AM: Will is one of the most talented people I have ever seen. Whether writing, producing vocals or singing, he has mastered it all. I had so much fun working with him, and it was also an extremely smooth process. He is one of my best friends, so creating and singing together is just another extension of that! I think the fact that he makes R&B music and I create country music made for an exciting collaboration that doesn’t really exist right now.

PC: What information, if any, can you give about your forthcoming EP? What can listeners expect to hear?

AM: I am so excited for everyone to finally hear the EP! I think it is the most relatable and vulnerable music I have ever released! I believe there is something on there for everyone, no matter your mood, whether you’re sad, happy or in love, and, of course there’s a girl-power anthem!

PC: Along with releasing your EP, what are your plans for the rest of 2022?

AM: I plan on getting back out on the road; I can’t wait to tour again!

*All images by Alex Berger*

**”Can I Call” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!**


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