Caitlin Quisenberry Encourages Living Life to the Fullest on New Single, “Last Day on Earth”

It sounds cliché until it’s reality: live each day like it’s your last. It can sometimes be easy to take moments or days for granted because of the assumption there are more to follow. But ultimately, when it comes our time, the hope is always that we did everything we wanted to do in our lives.

With her newest single, “Last Day on Earth,” Caitlin Quisenberry took that sentiment and made it reality, offering a tribute to Nancy Butler, who survived 17 years battling breast cancer, using her own words of advice and crafting a song around them. The final result is one of both comfort and motivation, also serving as a launching point for the non-profit, Postpone Nothing.

We caught up with Quisenberry to talk all about the song and its backstory, as well as her big musical plans for the rest of the year, her new Patreon club and more!

Pro Country: Your last single, “The Drill,” has become one of your top songs on Spotify. After the great successes you had in 2021, how encouraging was it to see that response on your first original single release of 2022?

Caitlin Quisenberry: I loved seeing the success for “The Drill,” and it was encouraging to have that momentum of 2021 being carried into 2022. Spotify has continued to be very supportive of my music, placing my songs on their editorial playlists, but it’s really in conjunction of my listeners placing me on their personal playlists that helps prompt Spotify to do that. 

PC: Why did you feel that your newest single, “Last Day on Earth,” was the right follow up to “The Drill”?

CQ: “Last Day on Earth” was scheduled to be released in May, which is Mental Health Month. That took precedence over which song it was going to following. The song’s purpose is to help those grieving a loved one as well as inspiring them to live life to its fullest, postponing nothing, because we never know which day will be our last day on earth.

PC: “Last Day on Earth” was released in partnership with the non-profit “Postpone Nothing.” Can you talk about Postpone Nothing’s mission and how you came to be a partner, and eventually a board member, with the organization?

CQ: I was contacted by a wonderful philanthropic man named David Cohen. He had the idea to have me write and record a song and film a music video to be paired with a foundation he wanted to start to honor a dear friend of his, Nancy Butler, who passed away. He sent me her eulogy she wrote herself to help give me inspiration for the song. I was so moved and inspired by her words; it not only gave me huge inspo for the song, but also changed the way I live my life. Her eulogy is a gift to the living, telling all of us it’s not too late to live out our dreams and to live each day as if it’s our last. After recording the song, I was honored that David asked me to become a board member. As a board member, we voted on the foundation’s name, logo and mission. The foundation helps those who have something on their bucket list they want to fulfill and may need help doing it. This could be anything from wanting a companion to do something with to needing funds to help them do it. Please go check it out, as it has taken Nancy’s mantra of postponing nothing and put it into action. Check out Postpone Nothing here!

David Cohen of Postpone Nothing

PC: You co-wrote “Last Day on Earth” after hearing the story of Nancy Butler, who survived 17 years battling breast cancer. How did Nancy’s story impact you and draw you to write the song?

CQ: I co-wrote the song with my producer, Sal Oliveri (#1 w/ PINK and Chris Stapleton). He’s also a gifted pianist and is the one playing the piano on this song. Sal innately knew how to orchestrate the perfect instrumental emotion into this song, and how to showcase the lyrics and my vocals to tell this delicate story in a powerful way. After knowing Nancy’s story and how hard she fought to stay alive, we both knew this wasn’t JUST a song, it was SO much more! It’s Nancy’s story, her legacy she has left behind, it’s the song that’s being used to launch the foundation, it’s a vehicle to help others grieve, as well as jump start their lives.  

Caitlin and Sal Oliveri

PC: Though “Last Day on Earth” was inspired by Nancy’s story, what do you hope listeners take away from the song?

CQ: My main hope is that it inspires my listeners not to delay anything in life that’s important to them. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I also hope my listeners can lean on this song to help comfort them if they are grieving a loved one. “Last Day on Earth” was recorded a year and a half ago, and since then, we have had two family friends lose close loved ones. I sent this (unreleased at the time) song to them with my condolences and both asked if they could play it at their loved ones’ funerals. I of course said yes and was truly touched and honored.

Recently, I was contacted to be a part of a TEDx Talk. They interviewed me and played the music video and are using that to promote their message on resilience. 

PC: You recently taught your first class for Daisie called “The Multidimensional You.” How much did you enjoy the opportunity to share your social media knowledge with people who may be just getting started on their journey?

CQ: Thanks for bringing that up, Justin! I had a blast teaching my class and had 135 people sign up from all over the world. It was very interactive, so people could respond and ask questions in real time. My goal is to teach a class a month, so be on the lookout and come join me on Daisie! If you follow me on social media, I will announce when my next class is and what I’ll be teaching. I will also give out a special link to come to my class for FREE to try it out.

PC: What do you have planned for the rest of 2022?

CQ: I have so much planned for 2022! Lots of new music just waiting to be released, and I will be releasing an EP that I just recorded with Cactus Moser as my co-writer and producer, who is also playing the drums on my songs. Cactus is very well known and accomplished in the music industry, as he leads The Big Noise and tours/performs with his wife, Wynonna Judd.

I also just launched my CQ Club on Patreon! Please go visit it and learn more about me, why I’m doing it, and what I’m offering my patrons/supporters who join. You can join for as little as $1 per month and cancel at any time. Each tier offers more from me; from an awesome welcome gift, to BTS I only share with my members, online painting with me, songs to you and or loved ones, exclusive merch, member only LIVE streams, hearing the stories behind the songs I’m writing, getting the songs months before they are released, being an extra in my music videos, dinner with me, and I even have a tier where you get to choose a song for me to release! It’s the best and most personal way for me to connect with my listeners/supporters.

Here’s a quick little video of me telling you more about it, and here is the link directly to my Patreon for you to check out. 

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

CQ: I want to thank you, Justin, and Pro Country for this interview. You have been one of my BIGGEST supporters from the beginning and I always appreciate your time, thoughtful questions, and sharing me on your socials. You’ve become one of my favorite platforms to follow and the place I go to find out about new music and artists.

To the readers: If you’re not following Pro Country yet, PLEASE GO GIVE THEM A FOLLOW! 

*”Last Day on Earth” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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