Addison Johnson Pays Homage to Working-Class Musicians with New Single, “The Busker”

The old adage is that it takes one to know one, so when you mention hard-working, hard-living musicians, one quick look at Addison Johnson’s touring schedule over the past several years proves he fits that bill, and with his new single, “The Busker,” he’s showing his appreciation for the musicians who have lived, and continue to live, that lifestyle.

Released in early June, Johnson’s new single serves as his second release from his upcoming album, as he followed the steel-soaked “Out of Control” with the swamp-tonkin’ “The Busker.”

“I wanted to make sure the singles we release really show the variety you can expect on the album,” says Johnson. “I always try to let the song tell me where it wants to go. While the lyrics tell the story, the music sets the scene. For ‘The Busker,’ I tried to produce what I would hear on a hot afternoon on a city street.”

That story he crafted comes from his appreciation for musicians who may not stand beneath the spotlight on stages across the country, instead, they spend their time wowing passerbys on the street.

“The inspiration came from knowing that some of the best musicians in the world are buskers,” says Johnson. “Although that type of playing is not as glorified as others, it’s still a very important part of the art of music so I really wanted to honor that.”

With the release of “The Busker” under his belt, Johnson recently returned from Europe, where he brought his brand of country music to riveted crowds.

“It’s beyond my wildest dreams to play overseas,” says Johnson. “For someone like me who had to start at the very bottom, it’s an incredible experience to hear people singing my songs there.”

With a new album on the way, Johnson is both encouraged by the response its lead single, “Out of Control,” received out of the gate, and promises to keep listeners on their toes sonically, as he did with “The Busker.”

“It’s very encouraging! I think it says that there really is still a place for traditional country music out there. Even if radio won’t play a five minute waltz, the fans still listen,” says Johnson. “I have one more single release planned for Fall 2022, and it will be just as different as ‘Out of Control’ and ‘The Busker.’ It will definitely be a storytelling album.”

*”The Busker” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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