J4 Boasts Hometown Pride on New Single, “Buffalo” [Premiere]

Sports and music have a special way of bringing people together that’s unmatched by almost anything else in life. The camaraderie that comes with being in the stands cheering on the same team or singing along to your favorite song is a connection that runs much deeper than just those singular moments. With his newest single, “Buffalo,” J4 has combined both expertly and offered an anthemic song for Bills Mafia. Set for release tomorrow, we’re honored to premiere the track a day early!

Detailing the successes of Bills teams of old and new and the way in which the city clings to them, J4 says “Buffalo” was spawned after the team’s final regular season game of the 2021 season.

“I wrote ‘Buffalo’ at 2AM on January 6th of this year. The Bills had just won their final game of the season and won the AFC East, so I got a nostalgic feeling that I wanted to capture. I thought of my grandpa and uncle, who both worked building the town of Buffalo,” he says. “The lyrics tell the story of my family, but also of many families that come from Buffalo. The city has always been hard working, blue collar, and tough as nails. And the song is meant to show that through all the trials we went through as a city, and even if I’m in Nashville, I know that my grandfather would be proud of the booming football town Buffalo has become. He was an avid Bills fan, and got me my first gig playing for the North Boston Town fire hall opening in 2008. My favorite lyric from the song is ‘the burden of thousands now rests in his hands // as his cleats meet the ground where my papa still stands.’ This classic country turnaround illustrates how proud my grandpa would be, and how proud I am of my Buffalo roots.”

An accomplished producer in his own right, J4 says he took a hands on approach to “Buffalo.”

“I produced almost all of it myself to keep it as close to my heart as possible. I recorded the incredible Anna Eyink, who wrote her masters thesis on Appalachian fiddling while studying under Alan Jackson’s fiddle player, and Max Wiltse, an avid young active session player in Nashville,” he says. “It was a very organic and thoughtful process. Every production element and choice I made to reflect the prosody and beauty of the lyric, and I feel that this song is something truly special.”

As a new Bills season kicks off tonight, J4 says he hopes his hometown feels the same connection to the song that he does.

“I hope that my fellow Buffalonians will enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Listen to the premiere of “Buffalo” here!


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