Molly Lovette Gets the Party Started with New Single, “Birthday Hangover”

The best way for an artist to gauge interest of a potential new release is to take it to the stage. And after Molly Lovette spent a good portion of her summer playing her new song, “Birthday Hangover,” on stage with her band, it was obvious that she needed to hit the studio and release the song as soon as possible, and that she did.

Reminiscing on her fun-filled 21st birthday festivities, Lovette and her cowriters churned out “Birthday Hangover,” referencing wine-stained dresses potential regrets and a morning headache. Lovette’s high-energy single comes packed with a thumping backbeat and a healthy amount of steel guitar and feels certain to be a live staple for years to come.

We caught up with Lovette to talk all about “Birthday Hangover,” as well as mixing fun and emotional songs, more new music and more!

Pro Country: You released “Buzzin’,” a duet with Clinton Wilkie, in May. How did that collaboration come together and how much did you enjoy singing with Clinton?

Molly Lovette: Clinton and I met via social media actually! We co-wrote “Buzzin’”over Zoom over a year ago, and then months later he reached out saying he wanted to record the song and for me to sing on it. I was so excited! I love the song and Clinton is so talented. It was a really cool experience.

PC: Your new single, “Birthday Hangover,” follows both “Buzzin’” and your last solo single, “Seasons.” Why did you feel that “Birthday Hangover” was the right follow up?

ML: I had been wanting to release “Birthday Hangover” for a while, but wasn’t sure when exactly the right time would be. As I played the song with my band at live shows this summer, I realized that I needed to get this song out ASAP. People were really liking it and I didn’t want anyone to have to wait until next summer. My team and I figured Labor Day weekend would be perfect!

PC: You co-wrote “Birthday Hangover” with Allie Roher and Brooke Hatala. Can you take us in the room and talk about how the song came together?

ML: I absolutely love writing with Allie and Brooke! Allie had actually had “Birthday Hangover” written in the notes on her phone, and as she read it we all laughed wondering what that even means. But we came to the conclusion that it might be fun to try to write. We started talking about my 21st birthday that had recently passed and how fun of a weekend I had with friends and family, and then came “Birthday Hangover”!

PC: You’ve largely mixed ballad releases with fun, up-tempo tunes over the last few years. How important is it for you to strike that balance and cover both bases?

ML: It’s so important for me to share all aspects of my life. Whether it’s the fun, happy side, or the more vulnerable, emotional side. I always want to be honest and true to myself and my story.

PC: The last time we talked, you mentioned that you were doing more co-writing in Nashville. How much have you enjoyed that process and what can you take away from sharing ideas with different writers?

ML: Yes! I absolutely love co-writing! Coming from a place where I never co-wrote, to now doing it multiple times a week, I have learned so much and become a much better writer. Even with “Birthday Hangover” for instance, that phrase was Allie’s idea, but with all three of our minds working together, we brought it to life, which I think is so cool!

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

ML: I love getting to release new music and I can say that I have one more coming this year…maybe a Holiday song 😉 I was just in the studio last month and am so excited about the new songs that will be out in 2023. I think they show new sides of me as a person and as an artist for sure!

*”Birthday Hangover is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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