Pro Country’s Top 10 Songs of 2022

2022 was a great year in the world of country music! In no particular order, here are our 10 favorite songs of the year!

Kimberly Kelly- “Person That You Marry”

We know we said this list wasn’t in any particular order, but this song is at the top for a reason. The hook at the end of the chorus is so expertly written as the song paints a sometimes unfortunately all-too-familiar picture of a marriage falling apart. This song is everything we love about country music.

Michelle Rivers- “Tell Me the Stories”

Even before learning the story behind this song, “Tell Me the Stories” stopped us dead in our tracks on first listen. When Michelle Rivers gave us the whole backstory, the song took on another life and added an extra level of emotional depth. It’s sparse, vulnerable and it commands a listeners’ full attention. It evokes the emotions that a great song should.

Drake Milligan- “Hating Everything She Tries On”

Was there a record released this year more fun that Drake Milligan’s? Dallas/Fort Worth transports listeners to crowded dancehalls in the Lonestar State, and this cut feels destined to be a smash if it’s sent out to radio. It’s insanely catchy with a singalong chorus that just begs for a repeat play.

Blaine Holcomb- “Expectin’ Champagne”

This is one of those songs where you see the title and have no idea what to expect. Luckily, as lovers of sad country tunes, that’s exactly what Blaine Holcomb delivered here. Penned by heavy-hitters Ray Scott, Tommy Karlas and Ward Davis, Holcomb delivers the tune in a way that makes you feel like he’s singing it from a barstool.

Gloria Anderson- “The Moment”

Every once in a while, an incredibly unique song comes around, and this year, Gloria Anderson delivered one of them. Written for a mother/son dance at a wedding, the song tugs at the heartstrings as Anderson delivers the track with a voice that sounds made for storytelling, ala Dolly Parton.

Randall King- “Down Hell”

Man, that steel solo may just be the best we’ve heard since “When I Call Your Name.” And the fiddle interludes are a welcome addition as well to this gem of a heartbreak tune. King’s voice is rock-solid country, and this track could be the best vocal performance that King has delivered thus far in his career.

Caitlin Quisenberry- “The Drill”

This song grips you right from the opening line. It perfectly sets the scene for the heartbreaking picture Quisenberry is about to present. An unfortunately all-too-relatable theme of a breakup and the ensuing pain, the sparse instrumentation and faint steel throughout set the ambiance and put the listener direcly in the narrator’s shoes.

David Adam Byrnes- “I Find a Reason”

Is there anything better than a good ol’ tear in your beer tune? A lonesome fiddle glides its way through this tune, and Byrnes vocal drips with the emotion of a man remembering a love lost. It’s a simple, straightforward country heartbreak song, and that’s exactly what we love about it.

Shelby Lee Lowe- “Love Button”

As soon as you press play on Shelby Lee Lowe’s newest single, be prepared to be transported directly back to the 90s. It makes sense, as David Lee Murphy had a hand in writing this one, but the twanging Telecasters and the steel and fiddle weaving their way create a fun listening experience. This one is made for the stage.

Taylor Austin Dye- “Like You Do”

If “I slipped my ring into my pocket, I know I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing but I am,” isn’t enough to immediately get you invested in a country song, we don’t know what will. Dye delivers an interesting take on a “love triangle” theme, and she offers what may be the strongest vocal performance she’s turned in thus far.


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