12 Country Songs We Never Skip

Cody Johnson- Wild as You

Is there anything better than fiddle licks, bronc references and a rock-solid vocal? This song was our intro to Cody Johnson several years ago, and we’ve been on board ever since.

Little Texas- Amy’s Back in Austin

Quintessential 90s country. It’s instantly memorable and begs to be sung along with time after time.

Ruston Kelly- Just for the Record

What a hook. Looking back on personal failings in a relationship, this heartbreaker drips with emotion that draws us in every time.

Craig Campbell- Outskirts of Heaven

I’ve personally seen people moved to tears by this song. Campbell delivers a superb vocal performance, and the way the instrumentation builds is masterful.

Alan Jackson- Remember When

For our money, this is the greatest country song of the 21st century. It’s simple, it’s country as hell, and Alan Jackson never sounded better.

Lonestar- Tequila Talkin’

From the opening line, we’re hooked. A rock-solid lyric that’s absolutely drenched in steel and fiddle. What more could you want?

Heartland- I Loved Her First

This song was recorded for 500 dollars by a band not signed to a major label. It was co-written by a man who had never co-written a song before. With circumstances set up for it to fail, sometimes, the song wins.

Gretchen Wilson- He Ain’t Even Cold Yet

We love Ken Mellons’ version, but we think Gretchen Wilson’s version is THE version of the song. She truly has one of the best female voices in country music, and she delivers it here in spades.

Easton Corbin- Tulsa Texas

An interesting take on a breakup song. I saw Easton perform this live several years back with just an acoustic and faint steel guitar, and it was the highlight of the show.

Lee Ann Womack- He’ll Be Back

Lee Ann Womack could sing the dictionary and it would sound amazing. Luckily, she chose to sing country music instead, and this may just be one of our favorite recordings ever.

Steve Wariner- You Could Always Come Back

Oftentimes, the best songs are the simple ones. There’s no crazy songwriting tricks here, just a simple lyric, an excellent delivery and beautiful instrumentation.

Gabe Garcia- Workin’ on Her Tan

What a lyric. We love the naïveté of the narrator not being willing to accept that his love’s flame has burnt out, which makes this one tug at the heartstrings even more.


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