Gloria Anderson Pays Homage to Her Musical Roots with “Wildwood Baby”

Much like her geographic upbringing, Gloria Anderson’s sonic upbringing was a bit haphazard. Growing up a military brat, not only did Anderson’s home base shift frequently, the music she was exposed to and fell in love with was equally diverse.

With her second single release of the year, Anderson captures that melting pot of sounds, churning out “Wildwood Baby.” After the first single, “Lighthouse,” from her forthcoming EP, Households, remembered her time growing up in South Carolina, the second offering from the EP pays homage to her sonic influences that shaped her.

“I was very intentional with the songs I picked for the project and the order of the singles. The EP, Households, is all about my journey of moving around the country as a military brat, and pivotal moments in that journey that helped shape who I am today,” says Anderson. “The first single, ‘Lighthouse,’ is about where I was born, Charleston, South Carolina, and how I long to find a sense of belonging in a place I didn’t grow up in. ‘Wildwood Baby’ is a song about Bluegrass and country music personified as a free-spirited, wild child girl. I was raised on this music, in addition to southern rock, and wanted to pay tribute to this side of my childhood. Although I moved around often, the roots of my music followed me.”

After co-penning the song with Reneé Coale Willis, Anderson says she’s continued to bring “Wildwood Baby” to stages regularly around Music City.

“Reneé and I wrote this song on Zoom right after I moved back into my dorm at Belmont following the COVID-19 lockdown. Reneé came in with the title and a guitar riff in an open D tuning I had previously showed her,” says Anderson. “We had about two writes to complete the song, and I started playing it around town acoustically and with my band.”

As she prepares to release Households in a few weeks, Anderson promises a collection of stories that introduces listeners to the artist behind the music.

“I am very grateful the time to release Households has finally come. I intended to create a project that was more than just my favorite songs; I wanted it to tell a story, my story, and give listeners an introduction to who I am beyond music,” says Anderson. “Households is the retelling of my journey as a military brat. I moved six times before the seventh grade, and there are six songs on the EP that highlight pivotal moments in my childhood. I’m very grateful to my cowriters and collaborators who helped me tell these stories.”

The release of Households also spells the end of Anderson’s time at Belmont. As she is set to graduate in May, she takes with her invaluable experiences and connections into her next chapter.

“Belmont University has taught me so much about the industry and who I am as a writer. I found that attending a university that is in the heart of Music City led me to be submerged in the community around Belmont. I was able to meet songwriters on campus and outside of campus and hear their stories and their life experiences,” says Anderson. “I am grateful I have been able to learn the industry from an academic lens and further develop my craft through hands on experience.”

*”Wildwood Baby” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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