Shelby Lee Lowe Pays Tribute to Single Mothers with Heartwarming New Single “Broken Beautiful”

In a genre that so often discusses a hard working lifestyle, country music has rarely touched upon a role that can sometimes be taboo in the genre, though it is a role that so many fill, and fill well: single motherhood.

With a mission to show appreciation for the women who take the reins and raise their children solo, Shelby Lee Lowe has offered “Broken Beautiful,” a country and R&B fusion that he says came to life with the help of his two co-writers, Matthew Huntley and Dave Austin, who were brought up by single mothers.

“My buddy Matt had sent me the song title and concept a few months prior, and I immediately thought it was a great idea. Dave Austin is a great writer, guitar player and producer who I enjoy collaborating with, so we took it to him,” says Lowe. “Dave and Matt both felt connected to the song, because they were raised by single mothers.”

Lowe says he hopes the song both shines a light and spreads appreciation to the women who raise and nurture their children.

“There’s nobody on Earth more important to a child than their mom, and I hope the hard working single moms out there feel seen and appreciated,” says Lowe. “I know there’s a lot of women that put their kids before themselves every day, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

“Broken Beautiful” follows Lowe’s 90s-inspired, boot-scooting single “Love Button,” with the Tennessee native noting the sonic differences between both efforts as the reason to release them back-to-back.

“’Broken Beautiful’ is a change up in style, production and tempo,” says Lowe. “I’ve never really recorded a song quite like it, but I feel like it’s an important song and topic to bring to light.”

As he entered 2023, Lowe came in on a hot streak, having released an EP, The Fame Sessions, and “Love Button” to the successes of hundreds of thousands of streams in 2022. Coupled with his music video for the EP’s single, “Where There’s Country,” featuring Frank Foster, earning nearly 300,000 views itself, Lowe notes how formative the year was for him.

“2022 was one of the craziest years of my life. I had a ton of stuff going on at once, but I knew I needed to keep the ball rolling with my music,” says Lowe. “Getting to record at Fame Studios and having my buddy Frank Foster lend his voice on ‘Where There’s Country’ was huge for me. I’m glad folks are still digging it. It made me new fans going into 2023.”

With that success under his belt, Lowe says he has plans for more new music and hitting the road hard to bring his music to his fans, all the while, setting aside time to spend with his family.

“I can tell you I will for sure have another song drop in May, and it’s gonna be wild! Another complete change up,” says Lowe. “I’ve been across the country meeting people and playing awesome venues and talking to radio stations for three weeks straight now. From the Rocky Mountains to the Smoky Mountains in less than a month. It’s been awesome seeing the reaction from folks in different parts of the country. I love it! I’m also hoping to find some time to spend with my family in between touring, and plan on some more song releases and music videos.”

*”Broken Beautiful” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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  1. This is so true and awesome. I have a friend I want to dedicate this song to. She is awesome, and she knows who she is.


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