Wynn Williams Promises Continuous Love Story Through String of Single Releases

One of the greatest things about songs is that they’re snapshots in time; as life moves on, a great song captures the emotions in a moment and brings them back each time you hit play.

Two years ago, Wynn Williams and his wife, Hannah, said “I do,” and with his current string of singles, Williams is offering various snapshots of falling in love with his now-wife, with his most recent offering being “Your Love,” a 90s-inspired song that delves into the hardships of spending time away from a significant other, all the while, looking forward to walking back through the door and loving right where you left off.

We caught up with Williams to talk all about his new string of releases, what’s next, staying busy on the road and more!

Pro Country: The last time we talked, you were just about to release your self-titled debut album. In total, those songs earned millions of streams across platforms and serve as a solid foundation for the career you’ve built. What was it like for you to tangibly see the success and support you received so consistently with the album?

Wynn Williams: It’s been pretty cool. I would’ve never guessed that it would’ve put up the numbers that it did. It’s hard sometimes to look at the numbers and feel good about them, especially when you have goals and aspirations. I’m sure appreciative that a bunch of the stuff on that record resonated with people and that they’re enjoying listening to it to this day. We put that out in 2020, and it’s been really cool. I’m really thankful for that first record. 

PC: On its own, “Tornado” has earned nearly three million streams on Spotify alone. What do you think it is about the song that has allowed it to connect with people, and what has it been like for you to see the life that song has had?

WW: I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s a different sound that people haven’t heard in quite a while. The storyline of it takes a different perspective; you hear cowboy songs all the time about cowboys, and this one being about a horse was something that was new and unique for people to listen to. I’m really thankful that it’s resonated with people. People message me all the time or see us live and say they added it to their playlist when it first came out and that they’re still listening to it. It’s a cool feeling.

PC: Your website mentions that your 2022 single “Like the Wind” was the first in a series of singles that tells one cohesive story. What did you like about having that common thread through your subsequent singles “I Love Her for Leaving” and your newest, “Your Love”?

WW: It’s been cool to put together the release schedule. I’ve been able to dig into the content side of things, which is tricky for a guy who doesn’t like to be in front of a camera [laughs]. My wife has been featured in a few of the music videos. The “Your Love” video is out today, and I actually edited it, which was a new thing for me. I think the coolest part has been putting out music that’s relative to me, my lifestyle and the way that I’ve fallen in love with my wife. We’ve been married for two years now, and it’s been special to tell our story through music.

PC: You co-wrote “Your Love” with Brice Long. Can you take us in the room and talk about how the song came together?

WW: We wrote it during Covid, believe it or not. We wrote it over FaceTime, because nobody was traveling to Nashville to write or meet. He and I got together and wrote a few songs over the course of a couple of weeks. We wrote “Your Love,” and another new song that’ll be coming out in the next few months called “Like She Does.” Both of those ideas were ideas I pitched to Brice for the project, and they were about being away from my wife, Hannah. “Your Love” is about being on the road all the time. It was interesting to write a song about being gone all the time while we were stuck at home during Covid [laughs]. Now that things have started to pick back up, it’s a lot more relevant.

Brice always comes up with the coolest melodies. The way he writes is so methodical. He’s so fast too, because when I write, I’m not the quickest thinker [laughs]. He always comes up with cool stuff, so I’m appreciative of his time and the effort he puts into writing songs whenever I’m able to get into the room with him.

PC: Soon after its release, “Your Love” landed on Spotify’s Texas Country Now curated playlist. How encouraging was it to see the song get picked up so soon after its release?

WW: It’s so helpful. The past few releases, the day of, or at least the week of, they’ll put it on that playlist. It’s really encouraging because that means we’ll get to reach more people and continue to engage with our audience. If we can keep pounding out new music and content, that’s the trick of the trade these days.

PC: Trent Willmon, who has worked with several big name and highly respected artists, served as producer on this string of releases. What is it like to work and collaborate with Trent in the studio?

WW: We cut seven songs together back in 2021, and it was all stuff we’d written pre-Covid and during Covid. He was great; he put a bunch of effort into the pre-production side and the recording process. He sang backgrounds on the songs too, so it was cool getting to work with him. He’s a really cool guy, and I appreciate his time as well. Those guys have been around for so long, and they don’t need the practice with small artists like me, but whenever we get the opportunity to work with guys like that, it’s special.

PC: You mentioned earlier that you’ve been releasing music videos for each of the singles you’re releasing. What do you like about keeping that stream flowing and presenting the songs that way?

WW: I think it’s really important. We’ve gone back and forth on the administrative side, and the back office conversations have been focused on how we can reach new people. Video content is proving to be the way, especially with the emergence of TikTok. Everybody has been leaning into videos, specifically vertical videos, which has been interesting to see. Keeping up with the trends presents its own challenge. As much as I dislike doing all of that stuff, it’s pretty cool to see it all come together with each release.

PC: You talked earlier about more new music in this string of releases. What information, if any, can you give about any forthcoming releases in this string of singles? What can people expect to hear?

WW: We’re gonna keep this series of singles rolling. “Your Love” is a couple weeks old now, and we have another song called “All Over Me” coming out soon, and “Like She Does” will follow that. There’s music videos and a bunch of social content coming with it as well. After that, we’re hopefully going to be releasing a full record. We’re in the process now of finding and writing those songs. We recorded a few more things before the end of 2022. We’re on the post-production side with those few songs, and we’re going to get a few more for this record.

PC: Your website also shows a pretty busy tour schedule running into the summer. How much are you looking forward to staying busy on the road and continuing to bring your music to your fans?

WW: That’s the meat of what we do. Playing shows is the part I love most about doing music, along with getting to meet all the people before or after the show. It’s a big deal. When Covid rolled around and we weren’t playing shows, it was pretty discouraging and hard to keep my chin up. It’s easier when you have shows on the books and you’re moving around to get people to listen to your stuff, make new fans and see familiar faces.

PC: We first connected in 2017 when you released “You’ll Write Mine” as a single. In the last six years, what has been the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself as an artist?

WW: My mantra is “nobody will work harder for you than you.” You have to put in the work in your career, especially with music, because it’s such a revolving door of talent. If you don’t put in the work, try to stay relevant and keeping putting out music that people resonate with, you’ll get left behind. It’s been challenging at some points, especially during Covid. Over the past few months, I’ve been antsy to put more new music out. You have to work hard to keep your chin up and focus on the bigger picture.

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

WW: Go check out the music! Please share it, and hopefully we’ll be on the road a lot more heading into the summertime.

*Wynn’s music is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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