The Davisson Brothers Band Offers Final Single, “Eastern Kentucky,” from Forthcoming Album

With the release of their new album, Home Is Where The Heart Is, slated for release on April 28, The Davisson Brothers Band are offering one final glimpse into the project with its third single, “Eastern Kentucky.”

While the album’s first two singles, “Mountain High” and “Cross My Heart,” offer high lonesome and tender country ballad sounds, respectively, “Eastern Kentucky” packs a swampy punch as the guitar takes you straight into the muddy waters. Paired with fiddle weaving throughout the song, the Band, comprised of brothers Chris and Donnie Davisson and joined by nephew Gerrod Bee and lifelong family friend Aaron Regester, offer a tune that stresses the importance of living life to the fullest.

Joined by one of the album’s producers, David “Ferg” Ferguson, and Ben Chapman in the writing room, Chris Davisson shares, “The first thing I said was ‘let’s write something about life being short and let’s make the most of it while we’re here. Instead of all the arguing and fighting going on today, we should be hugging and kissing each other.’ Ben jumped right on it and said ‘let’s just say that, but in a different way.’ We did, about three hours later, we finished the song, and that was a wrap.”

With nearly 100 songs to choose from for Home Is Where The Heart Is, the Band says producers Brent Cobb and Ferguson helped whittle it down to the 12 that comprise the album, and recognized the theme of “home” that runs concurrently through the project.

“What makes me more proud of this album than anything is the way it happened,” Chris Davisson says. “It wasn’t something somebody put on paper in a conference room. Between Brent’s vision for a songs’ vibe, and David’s ability to capture them so well, this is basically the album we’ve been trying to accomplish our whole career.” 

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