Cody Forrest Allows His Influences to Shine Through in His Music and Live Performances

In what seems to be another lifetime ago, live performances were just as important; sometimes more important, than recorded music.

Garth Brooks’ live shows have become legendary, and now, a young artist named Cody Forrest, heavily influenced by Brooks, is gaining traction, thanks in large part to his performances and his debut single, “Tennessee.”

As he prepares to release new music shortly, I was able to chat with Cody about his roots, his single, and when fans can expect more music. Check it out below!

Justin Loretangeli: Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?

Cody Forrest: George Strait, Garth Brooks, My Dad, Alan Jackson, and Chris LeDoux.


JL: Was there a specific moment you knew you wanted to make music for a living?

CF: It’s been a thought ever since I was a kid. I never thought I would be where I’m at today though.


JL: Did having a background in rodeo shape your sound/music in any way?

CF: I can say it did. I like to keep everything country as far as my style in clothes, how I am on stage, and the sound we promote.


JL: How did you come on to the radar of Red Barn Music? How excited are you for the collaboration?

CF: My lead guitar player, Tyler, actually got me involved with Seth Storer, and is now part owner of Red Barn.It’s been a blessing to have Seth behind us!


JL: Your debut single, “Tennesse” has a southern rock sound behind your traditional voice. Was it at all important for you to show a few different sounds on your debut release?

I wanted to keep it as country as I could, but I’m glad it came out with a southern rock sound. It was interesting to get it where we wanted it.

JL: “Tennessee” was written by Seth Storer. Can you describe hearing it for the first time, and what led you and your team to decide to release it as your debut single?

CF: I honestly wasn’t impressed with it at first, but after hearing it a few times and changing the key of it, it grew on me quick. I’ve had a few songs already written, but I wanted to release a song that we were all involved in for our first single.


JL: Your live show has been getting a lot of great attention. What are some of the biggest things that you bring into your performances that you feel allows you to connect with people the way you have so far?

CF: I love to play originals so people can see that we bring something new to the table, but we still have fun with our covers.

Cody Forrest Live

JL: Can you describe your music/sound in a few words for someone who may not have heard you before?

CF: Traditional country with a Texas country/blues sound.


JL: What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned so far during your time in the music industry?

CF: Play every show like it’s your last, even if nobody is there. And be prepared for shows. Don’t try to wing everything. Last but not least, not everyone in the music business is your friend, and if they aren’t, treat them with respect and be professional.


JL: When can fans expect to hear more original music?

CF: I should have my new songs this week, a new single within the next month, and a new EP coming within a few months.


JL: Additional comments:

 CF: Thank y’all for taking the time to read this and get to know me better. Also, thanks to Justin for interviewing me. We will see y’all on the road!


*Images courtesy of Cody Forrest Facebook page*






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