Heartbroken? Pecos & the Rooftops have “This Damn Song” For You

Pecos & the Rooftops, hailing from northeast Texas, are starting their careers with a bang.

The five friends released their debut single, “This Damn Song” on April 20, 2019, and in just under two months, the song has amassed 90,000 streams on Spotify, and nearly 20,000 additional views on YouTube.

The song has exceeded the expectations of the band, who are looking to capitalize on their success with their upcoming debut EP, slated for release at the end of the year.

Hear from lead vocalist Pecos Hurley about the influences the band draws from, all about “This Damn Song,” what listeners can expect from the upcoming EP, and more!

Pro Country: Who are some of the influences you draw from as a band for your music? 

Pecos Hurley: Merle Haggard, Cross Canadian Ragweed, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many others. 


PC: Can you talk about how the band came together? 

PH: Brandon Jones and I have been friends since the 7th grade back in Paris, Texas. Sheldon and I had only met a few times around Paris until Brandon persuaded me to move out to Lubbock the Summer of 2017. That’s when I met Kalen and Kris. Kris is also from Paris, but I hadn’t met him until Sheldon brought him around our place in Lubbock. Kalen is from Garland, Texas, but he and Brandon were random roommates prior to us all living together. 

After I had written a few songs and “This Damn Song” with Kalen, we decided to all start playing music together, which soon turned into a band set up in our kitchen. We all moved in together the summer of 2018, and have been at it ever since. 


PC: Were you feeling any type of pressure, internally or externally, as you were preparing to release music for the first time with the “This Damn Song” single?

PH: If there was no pressure in releasing your debut single, I don’t think that musicians would work as hard towards making sure that everything is right on it before sending the song in. The pressure sort of fuels you and makes you really be sure of what you’re trying to do. You always want to put the best music you can out there that listeners can enjoy and relate to something real that will leave a good impression (especially on a debut single).

As far as external pressure, I was glad to have people anticipating the release so I was excited about getting it out there ASAP for them, but I also knew that we had a lot of first impressions to make with it, and I wanted everything to be to where the song was at its full potential before finalizing the release. 


PC: Can you talk about the inspiration behind “This Damn Song”?

PH: The song was written by myself and one of my roommates one night that we were all up late. I dated this girl for 2 years, and we almost got engaged, but we ended up breaking up over family issues that we couldn’t really control. About a year down the line, I run into my junior prom date that I grew up high school rodeoing with. She lived in Stephenville, and I’m out here in Lubbock, so we saw each other when we could. We started talking, and I started to like her a lot and started noticing myself wanting to change for the better just to be a better guy for her. When I noticed that she wasn’t really reciprocating my effort, I realized that I was probably more temporary to her. I asked her one day what she thought of us and she told me that I lived a little too fast for her even though she was (excuse my French) batshit crazy. Long story short, we didn’t work out, and it was for a double-ended reason. We were both too crazy for the other one.

PC: “This Damn Song” has been streamed more than 90,000 times since its release just over a month ago. Is there a certain level of validation that comes with having your first release performing as well as “This Damn Song” has so far?

PH: The song has done better than we honestly were expecting. Sure, we had high hopes, but the fact that it’s our debut single and doing this well has been extremely humbling. Of course we want the song to bring our band some validation in the music scene, but I think that’s something that speaks for itself via the listeners/plays. 


PC: “This Damn Song” features traces of both country and rock sounds. Was it important to showcase that artistic versatility on your debut release?

PH: I believe it was important. It’s an emotional song, so I wanted it to put off that vibe with the melody and rhythm, but still be able to throw some bluesy/rock ‘n roll sounds in where they were necessary to give it a more diverse sound. 


PC: You are currently working on your debut EP. Do you have a timeline for its release? What can listeners expect to hear from the EP?

PH: Yes, we are planning on recording 6 songs for the EP, including one bonus track by the fall. I would expect to hear a few songs about heartbreak, a few songs you can cut a rug to, and the bonus track I won’t spoil for you! The EP is planned to be released at the end of the year.


PC: What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

PH: Keep writing music, play as many shows as possible, meet as many people as we can, and enjoy putting out an EP with a group of my best friends that hopefully everyone is going to be able to appreciate.


PC: Additional comments:

PH: A big thank you to everyone that is behind our band and playing our music. If you would like to stay up to date with Pecos & the Rooftops, like/follow us on social media!

*Image courtesy of Pecos & the Rooftops Facebook Page*



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