[Premiere] Matt Dylan Releases Music Video for Newest Single “Strong”

Matt Dylan has made it a point to tell stories in his music. Whether it be the story he told with his breakout hit “Carolina Moonshine” or the one he told with his newest single “Strong,” Dylan is doing his part to keep country music to its storytelling roots.

Two months after telling chapter one in the story of “Strong,” Dylan is releasing chapter two; the single’s music video, exclusively through Pro Country and Road Dog Media Group.

Dylan talked to Pro Country about the interview as part of our interview in June.

“The presentation of the video is coming out of a living storybook. It’s a huge book in the middle of the screen, and you have all of these interactive images with several images per page. They move in and out and tell the story. I have people from all walks of life holding the sign that says “strong,” says Dylan. “There’s firefighters, bodybuilders, couples that have been married for more than 50 years, and cancer survivors. It speaks from all walks of life. That’s what the country music genre is. It’s the strongest, most vibrant fan base. It’s the most loyal group out there. They’re just incredible people. They are the epitome of strength. That’s what we tried to do with the video.

“Another neat thing about the video is that you can watch it three times and still see different things, just because of all of the interactive elements. Hopefully that means we’ll get three times the number of views we would normally get,” Dylan says with a laugh.


“Strong” is serving as the lead single from Dylan’s upcoming album Keep On Keeping On, set for release on August 10. Dylan chose the song because of its message and the timing of its release.

“I like the message. When you think about love and think about how you feel about people that are family or friends, you have that strong love, bond, and relationship,” says Dylan. “I wrote that song from the perspective of a guy who couldn’t express his feelings any other way other than to do it through descriptive terms like ‘strong like a double shot of whiskey.’ It’s so catchy, and it has a good summertime vibe.”

Dylan hopes that “Strong” and Keep On Keeping On allow him to take another step in his career.

“I just want to continue appealing to the listeners. We really depend on our fans, and we hope that when they walk away from a show, they think it was worth every penny,” says Dylan. “Like the record says, we’re going to Keep On Keeping On and we feel good about our chances.”


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