Ashton Dupré Soars to Number 16 with Debut EP

Louisiana native Ashton Dupré has been on quite the successful run lately. His two most recent singles, “Alone In a Bar” and “Last Call” have both shot to number one in Louisiana, and he is gaining a flurry of new fans all over the world.

His momentum was helped vastly by his debut, self-titled EP charting at number 16 on iTunes’ country music chart. At the EP’s peak, he sat between Brooks and Dunn’s “Greatest Hits Collection” and Kelsea Ballerini’s “Unapologetically.”

The chart success of his EP took even Dupré by surprise.

“Being number 16 on the country charts was really exciting for me,” says Dupré. “I never thought I would be up there next to some of those great artists.”

Dupré says that achieving that milestone injects him with a validation about the project and the music he is making.

“One of the greatest feelings in the world if you ask me is watching all of your hard work pay off!” says Dupré.


The EP, made up of five songs, leaves no room for filler. From the opening acoustic lick of the fan-favorite “When She Drinks My Whiskey” until the last symbol is smashed on his latest number one song “Last Call,” Dupré weaves together five standout tracks that flow together perfectly, something that he made a primary focus while putting the EP together.

“I just hope listeners like my material. The lyrics, the sound, and how it moves them,” says Dupré. “I hope this EP is one that people don’t mind hearing all the way through without skipping a song.”

Dupré, a member of Red Barn Music for many years, credits them for helping his EP reach its potential.

“Red Barn Music has been a pleasure to work with,” says Dupré. “Seth Storer has a great thing going, and I firmly believe in what he’s doing.”

However, Dupré gives the most credit to his fans that have loyally stuck with him since he released “When She Drinks My Whiskey” in 2016.

“I firmly believe I have some of the greatest fans anyone could ever ask for. They have pushed my music from day one and haven’t slowed down since,” says Dupré. “They are a huge reason for the success that I have had so far.”


*Images courtesy of Red Barn Music*


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