Savannah Rae Flexes Her Country-Rocking Roots on New Single, “Typical Texas Girl”

2021 has been a transformative year for Savannah Rae.

As April was coming to a close, the Texas-bred singer/songwriter released her single “Soft Place to Land,” which has already surpassed well over one million views across platforms, and served as a re-introduction for Rae and her country and rock infused sound.

How is Rae following up that success? She’s leaning even further into her country-rocking sound with her new single, “Typical Texas Girl,” released three months to the day after “Soft Place to Land.”

Heavy guitars and a thumping backbeat couple with a lyric that boasts about looking deeper than the cover of a girl from the Lone Star State, daring people to underestimate them. Country icon Pam Tillis serves as one of Rae’s co-writers on her new single, which is sure to be an anthem for Texas girls for years to come.

We caught up with Rae to chat about the success of “Soft Place to Land,” all about “Typical Texas Girl,” finding her sound, her plans for new music and more!

Pro Country: Your last single, “Soft Place to Land,” has earned over 15,000 streams on Spotify, while its music video has earned over 100,000 views on YouTube. How encouraging was it to be able to tangibly see the support you were receiving with the song?

Savannah Rae: I have been so blessed and fortunate to receive the support I have on “Soft Place to Land!” It has amassed over 1.4 million views on all the platforms so far; my first million viewers on anything! That number baffles my mind. It’s very encouraging to see these types of numbers as it tells me that we must be doing something right! It’s difficult being an independent artist at times, however when you see something like that, it’s so motivational and means that much more!

PC: Why did you feel that your new single, “Typical Texas Girl,” was the right follow up to “Soft Place to Land”?

SR: I think “Typical Texas Girl” was a great follow up to “Soft Place to Land” as it is moving towards this new sound of mine. It’s very organic and has those country/rock elements to it. I absolutely love anything country with an edge, and I think “Typical Texas Girl” is a big move towards that direction! It also has this deeper message to it; hidden behind its fun and upbeat exterior. It almost felt like my re-introduction to the people who support me, and an introduction to possible new listeners. I am a typical Texas girl at heart, and I think this song really conveys that message.

PC: After achieving the success you did with “Soft Place to Land,” was there a level of pressure, internally or externally, as you were preparing to release “Typical Texas Girl”?

SR: There definitely was pressure as I was preparing to release “Typical Texas Girl.” With the success of “Soft Place to Land,” I wanted to give “Typical Texas Girl” an even bigger platform and release. This song is my baby! Unfortunately, the label that I was releasing this song through ceased distribution for myself and many other artists and left us in a bit of a lurch. My song was released and it was immediately taken off all platforms by the label. This killed all the pre-saves, playlists and momentum I had behind “Typical Texas Girl.” I basically had to start from the ground up again. It’s been about a week and a half and we have definitely picked up a few of the pieces, but it really hurt the song. With all of this going on, it added even more pressure to get “Typical Texas Girl” the exposure I thought it deserved. Thankfully, the people that have heard it absolutely love it and have shared this song like no other! I cannot begin to express my thanks to those who have helped get this song off the ground.  

PC: You wrote “Typical Texas Girl” with a slew of writers, Andrew Lane, Britton Cameron, Jesse Isley, Kelly Shoenfeld, and country music legend Pam Tillis. Can you take us in the writing room and talk about the inspiration behind the song?

SR: “Typical Texas Girl” was inspired by some of the stereotypes Texas girls can often face, and how some people may underestimate us. People see the big hair, the rhinestones, the dressed to the nines and automatically assume we are less than. What they don’t see is how hard-working, resilient, capable and smart Texas girls actually are. Take Miranda Lambert for example, she is all glitz and glamour on stage, but is one of the most down-to-earth and savvy business women. While “Typical Texas Girl” is a fun and energetic song, it does have a deeper-rooted meaning. It’s a wise reminder to never judge a book by its cover! I had such a blast writing this song with the talented people that I did! Especially working with somebody like Pam Tillis who I have been listening to all my life. Definitely a full circle moment and one that I was so blessed to be able to experience!

PC: You premiered the music video for “Typical Texas Girl” on August 9th. How much fun was it to record the video and embrace your roots and scenery?

SR: We filmed the video for “Typical Texas Girl” in Round Top, Texas. It was very important to me that we find a farm/ranch in Texas where I can showcase some of the more “typical” Texas girl things. Luckily, we found Nova Ranch! You can see me with hair curled and full makeup, but also shoveling hay, on a four-wheeler, and riding Nova, king of the ranch! I wanted to show the juxtaposition between the two, and the fact that a typical Texas girl can do both! We had such a blast filming it and it is definitely one of my favorite videos that I have ever shot. Huge thank you to the Country Network for premiering that as well!

PC: “Typical Texas Girl” delves even further into a country rocking sound than “Soft Place to Land.” How important is it for you to tap into both of those sonic lanes and influences in your music?

SR: Country and Rock are my two main influences and loves. I have an appreciation for all types and genres of music, but those two resonate with me the most. Having a song like “Typical Texas Girl” is helping me dive into that sound a lot more. I love organic instrumentation and heavy guitar. I’m really trying to bridge this gap between country and rock in my own way. Somewhere between Shania Twain, George Strait and Koe Wetzel, you’ll find me!

PC: The last time we talked, you mentioned that you were planning several new releases in 2021. What information can you give about the music you will be releasing? What can listeners expect to hear?

SR: I have (fingers crossed) many new releases coming out before the end of the year. I am absolutely ecstatic about the new music and cannot wait for them to be out in the world. They are so authentically me and are unlike any music I have ever created before. They lean even more into that edgy country and talk about very personal subjects and experiences that I have yet to share. From the up-tempo, rockin’ anthems, to the organic, raw, acoustic tracks, it definitely shows a side of me and my music that is unlike anything I’ve previously released. I am so excited!

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

SR: I want to give a huge thank you to those who have supported “Typical Texas Girl.” After the rocky start, it is so heartwarming and means so much to me to see all the support it has garnered. Thank you SO much!

*All images courtesy of Savannah Rae Facebook page*

**”Typical Texas Girl” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!**


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