Royale Lynn Gets Personal on New Single, “Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In”

Every so often in the life of a songwriter, a song comes to life that just hits the ground running in the writing room; almost as if it wrote itself. And most of the time, those songs are the most special ones.

For Nashville-based singer/songwriter Royale Lynn, that was exactly the case with her newest single, “Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In.” Drawing from an experience the night prior to penning the tune, Royale Lynn and her co-writers expanded on her experience to create her newest single.

“Man, walking in that room that day, when I say this song came from such a real place, I sat down and explained to the boys how I was crying the night before in my truck over a boy,” Royale Lynn says. “Trucks are made for such amazing things, and a boy who doesn’t know what he has does not deserve your tears. The words basically fell out and we all left that day knowing we had something special. I listened to the work tape the entire way home.”

Royale Lynn’s new single, which further delves into the country-rocking sound she has introduced in 2021, follows her last single, “His & Hers.” Though she says it may seem like a simplified answer, the singer/songwriter says intuition drew her to release “Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In” as a follow up.

“‘Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In’ just felt right. I know that is such a simple answer, but the day we wrote that song, I said ‘Wow, I want the world to hear this.’” Royale Lynn says. “Every single line is based off my life, and it allows people to see my vulnerable side. No one should be crying in their truck at the end of the night. It comes from such a real place, and my producer, Brad Wagner, brought my vision to life!”

“Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In” also follows the streaming success of “His & Hers;” the highest in her career, and a song she has seen numerous people continue to connect with.

“First of all, I am overwhelmed at the response to ‘His & Hers,’ when we were writing that song, I was curious how people would relate to it! In the end, SO many people related to losing someone because they were focused on either a career or something that made them happy. This was another song that we tried to push the ‘cowboy’ country box and it worked, as we can see from the support,” Royale Lynn says. “I truly hope ‘His & Hers’ helped a few people out there who are watching their ex move on with someone new. It has been humbling to see that project get wings and take off!”

As she continues to expand her brand of “cowboy” country music, Royale Lynn says she has enjoyed exploring sonic lanes and how she wants to express herself as an artist.

“I am in such an explorative state with my music,” Royale Lynn says. “I want to see how far we can push ‘cowboy’ country while creating the most authentic and honest music that I can!”

In the time since we last chatted with Royale Lynn, she has continued to use TikTok as a tool to expand her audience, often premiering new music and songs she has written prior to releasing them. Her presence on the platform has grown to nearly 150,000 followers and she has earned well over one million likes on her content since joining.

“TikTok has been such a great way to reach a wider audience with my music. With just a push of a button, you have the opportunity to hit millions of screens,” Royale Lynn says. “Staying connected with my audience is the main goal, and I will use all platforms I can to make sure I am always connecting with not only current fans, but possibly new ones as well! If my music can reach a few people who are struggling with something, it’s well worth it.”

While she has plans for more new music in 2021, Royale Lynn says she’s looking forward to hitting the road in her truck and bringing her brand of country music across the country, no breakdowns included.

“I plan to release one or two more songs in 2021, but we are actively trying to get on the road a ton more and meet everyone out there!” Royale Lynn says. “It may have been because we have been stuck at home for so long, but I am itching see the country from my Silverado’s window!”

*”Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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